Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bonding Session at Bishan Park 2 - Team 4

We have to plan a bonding session with other respective teams at Bishan Park 2. It is to bond different teams together as we have never had a session where all the teams play together and it will be the first time for our 2015 EMRS batch. The event was held on 7 April 2015, from 9am-2pm.

Before the actual day, we recced the place to find out where should we gather, which bus stop to alight at, etc. We also went to buy prizes for the winners, runner up and consolation prize.

We meet some challenges along the way, one of the major problem is that our original plan of going Sentosa on 6/4/15 clash with our teacher's schedule so we change the time and venue nearer to our school instead, which is Bishan Park 2.

Event Day

On the event day, we gathered at Bishan Park 2’s Macdonald first and move in further into the park for briefing and later on carrying out the games, there were two games in total.
The first game started right after the briefing where Team 2 have to versus Team 3, after that then the winner gets to versus Team 4. And the winner for the first game is Team 2!
The first game

                                                                     Getting ready

You spin mah head right round right round~

                                                               Tie ‘em legs together

                                                                         So cosy


There was a break of 15mins in-between so the teams can have a rest, after the break we carried on the next game which is called Running Man. The game goes like this, each team will be sorted into different colours, Pink, Green & Blue, the game admins will hide three envelope for each team in different areas of the park and the teams have to find them as fast as possible to complete the mission. The fun part is, when it reaches 12pm, everyone get to tear off opposing team’s name tags to eliminate them from the game. And the undisputed winner is still Team 2!
Although it was a very hot day but the weather did not seem to deter the players from completing the mission~  


After the games they had another round of tearing of name tags and eventually the event ended with everyone exhausted and sweaty. But nonetheless everybody enjoyed the games and I declare this bonding session a success. We get to bond with everyone and its nice knowing other people from different teams and get to play with them.

EMRS 2015