Monday, December 30, 2013

Team Bonding Event for New EMRS Students @ NYP

On 26th December 2013, team 4 of EMRS (Events Management& Road Show) conducted a team bonding event around the whole of business block from 9:30am to 5:00pm for the new batch of EMRS students. Activities included charades, island game, running man, whacko and station games. 

The overall ICs for this event were the members of team 4.The planning was done the week before the actual event, the logistics were done 2 days before to ensure we are on schedule. The safety of the activities were also checked by our supervisors.
On the actual day, we started off with a simple icebreaking introduction “game”, whereas everyone would write down a good and bad quality of themselves and the team members would guess who that person is when the game master reads out the card.

Chris reading out the card!
After that we shifted everyone out and split into 4 teams for the team building games
Whacko is a game where the “whacker” is required to whack the person whose name has been called out. The person which is called, has to make sure that he or she calls out someone else’s name in order to not be whacked!
Island Game
The island game is where everyone will split into group of 3s and each group will form an island. There will be a catcher and someone running away from him/her. The goal of the runner is to join in one of the island and the other end of the person on the island will become the runner.

After our lunch, we played charades for a little team bonding activity and hilarity!

 Running Man
 The running man is a game where everyone has a tag with their name taped on their back, the goal of the game is to either complete the mission. Each group has 5 members and they can either find

Water Scissors Paper Stone
This is a game where the participants are split into 2 groups. At any point one member of each team has to slide across bench and the goal is to have both team reach the other side. With the opposing team members bump into each other, they will have play scissor paper stone, the loser will have to move back to the queue and go for another try. The game masters has the most fun job as they will have to throw water bombs down at the bench!

 It was a successful event as everyone gets to know each other and overall it was a fun day!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

LF Asia Collection 2000 - "Thank God It's Christmas" Make-up Event by Team 3

On 13th December 2013, EMRS Team 3 executed a makeup event together with LF Asia at NYP auditorium foyer from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.

The team brainstormed together for the theme and as Christmas was approaching, we decided to gear towards that direction and hence we came up with the theme “Thank God It’s Christmas”


The team was split into two sub-teams and held different responsibilities which included advertising and promotion as well as operations and logistics planning. During the pre-planning stage, there were a lot of work to be completed as we needed to communicate with LF Asia, recce the event venue and have meetings and product training together.

Advertising & Promotion (A&P)

Gillot and Donovon were the main in charge of the A&P and they each came out with three different posters for this event for LF Asia’s selection.

 And eventually, this poster was selected as our event poster!

Poster to shout about the FOC makeup party.

Poster on our promotions!

Our polaroid poster.

Photo Booth Frames

 Benjamin and Wayne tasked to complete the photo booth frames.

Our final products!

Photo Booth Backdrop

Alexis and Stella were the main in-charge for the backdrop and the first thing they did was to set-up the spider stand to determine the length and width of our backdrop and the amount of cloth and tinsels to buy. 

After planning work is done, we proceeded on sewing the backdrop.

Our backdrop which took up a lot of our time and effort.

In addition, we also made props and Santa hats for our photo booth. 

 Team photos taken while playing around with the props that we made!

Setting Up

We did our set up on 12th December, 2.00pm, at auditorium foyer together with LF Asia. 

Securing back drop onto the spider stand

Setting up of the COLLECTION logo

The canvas backdrop provided by LF Asia and with our very own designer Gillot!


On the execution day itself, we had team 2 and team 4 to help out in our event. Team 2 was given roles to work on whereas team 4 was tasked to distribute flyers. Team 3 reported at 8.15 am on the event day to continue with our venue set up and to assist LF Asia with their products display.

Putting up of posters

 Unwrapping the products

Upon completion of the set-up, Collection 2000 provided all female EMRS students with a free make-over using their products. By doing so, illustration of colors and looks will be easier when questioned by our customers.

Photos taken after the makeover!

The crowd was manageable throughout the whole event. Four female EMRS students were given the Promoter role and to mingle with the customers and to introduce the Collection 2000 products to them.

This event had a lot of special promotions for our customers. One of the attractive promotion was a free makeover with any products purchased. Our customers’ reaction was overwhelming as our event was held on a Friday and our customers tend to make plans to party that evening and hence this promotion served a great purpose to them!

Customers undergoing makeover! They love the outcome!

Our photo booth was also a great hit as a lot of customers were attracted by the large backdrop and of course the pricing strategy which we came up with. Polaroid films were sold at $1 each and this was a great deal that customers did not want to miss out! Queue poles were lined up right in front of the cashier so as to maintain the crowd.

Wayne and Woon Ping as the Photographer

Alex as the cashier

Customers having fun with the props and creating memories together

Our event officially ended at 4.30pm and we started clearing up the venue as we were given only one hour to vacate the auditorium foyer. Everyone from EMRS came to help out and we finished within the given time. To increase efficiency, we helped to categorize LF Asia’s unsold products accordingly which made stock taking for LF Asia a much easier job. 

The event was a great success. Although we experienced challenges and had tight deadlines to meet, our team was able to overcome them all. We realized the importance of planning ahead to avoid facing problems with deadlines. We also realized the importance of teamwork and working together without any conflicts. We would like to thank team 2 and team 4 for their help in this event. Our efforts were paid off as we managed to surpass our sales target of $800 by achieving an estimated sales target of $1000!