Monday, January 12, 2015

Field Trip 2014/15 @ Marina Barrage

Since it was our last week in EMRS, we headed down to Marina Barrage on the 6th of January 2015, for team building. This field trip was organized by EMRS team 2 with the help of members from team 3 and team 4.

Pre-event planning
Brainstorming for activities
We had to consider several factors such as where to play the games, how the teams move between game stations, the budget for the entire field trip and the logistics needed. We decided to set up a control center to keep our belongings, props and first aid kit.

Due to the budget, we had to scrap some games as the props needed were too expensive. We utilized the props needed from both logistics and EMRS room. A week before the field trip, we went down to Marina Barrage to recce the site.  The day before the trip, we did a trial run of the games.

Preparation before actual day
In order to reduce our work load on the actual day, we packed the necessary materials needed and left it at B409 room. We took the ice packs from the logistic room and left them at MSC Cheers to be frozen. Ms Choo helped us to order 35 packets of bee hoon from North Canteen in advance.

With majority requesting to go home on their own after the field trip, we only arranged a 1 way trip by bus to Marina Barrage for 10am.

On our way to Marina Barrage!
On the day of the event, everyone had to report to EMRS room at 9am to do TEP feedback. After team 2 completed doing the feedback, we broke into smaller groups to do various tasks, some collected the foods from North canteen, some retrieved the packed materials from B409 and others collected the icepacks from MSC Cheers. All teams were told to complete their feedback by 9.30am and assemble at Block B level 1 by 10am.

Ms Choo & Mr Sudesh joined us in this event

The whole EMRS was grouped into 4 teams. Each team had equal number of students from team 2, 3 and 4. 

Various ice breaker games like: toilet roll game, pass the action, draw it out, hunter and guru were played during the first round. The first round of ice breaker games were played at level 1 of Marina Barrage from 11 to 12 noon.

Lunch Time!!!
Due to the hearty appetite of the EMRS students, we supplemented the north canteen food with 10XL pizza for lunch from Canadian Pizza. 

Seems like everyone was hungry! We finished our lunch earlier than expected. Some played captain’s ball and others took selfies.

After lunch it started raining, so we decided to play the second round of ice breaker games at Level 1, Marina Barrage. We played games such as Whacko, 10 cent coin, 007, curtain and competitive games such as captain ball and dodge ball.

The whole field trip ended at 4:30pm. We cleared the area and started taking more “SELFIES” and group pictures.

Overall, we had plenty of fun there! This field trip has made us bond well regardless which team we are from. Thanks to our supervisors for giving us an opportunity to organise this field trip.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Retail Entrepreneur Fair

Date: 18 December 2014
Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm
Venue: Atrium

Team 4

The purpose of this event was to allow students specialized in Retail management to showcase and sell their project. There was also the MSC fashion exchange which we had to help with the preparation of the logistics. Our team's job for this event was to help provide the students and MSC with the necessary logistics they require for their booth.

My team also helped the students and MSC to set up their booths and look after it when every member had to attend a lecture. Overall, this event was carried out smoothly and we can conclude that it was a success.

Retail Career Fair 2014

The Retail Career Fair was held on 3rd December 2014 from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

It was run by EMRS Team 4

~Selfie time~

manning the booth~

DJ Hazz in the building

The event involved over more than 20 recognised companies including Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands

The purpose of the event was to help students seek part time or full time jobs in the retail industry.
Popcorn and lucky draw slips were given out as well to draw human traffic.

Overall, it was a success as we managed to reach our target of 1500 people to sign up.

Mini Roadshow 2014- Team 4

Mini Roadshow 2014- Team 4

Date: 30 December 2014
Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm
Theme: New Year: A Fresh Start
Tagline: There's no time to lose, REFRESH on the go with CHEERS
Objective: To achieve sales target of $250 from selling CHEERS products

After the Retail Entrepreneurship Fair, our team are left with about 2 weeks to prepare for our final event and we were definitely up for the challenge. We were assigned to consigned goods from CHEERS and the pre-event planning were fast underway.

Hands-on time! Preparation for the booth decoration.
Led by Yillis and Hazz.

Poster designed by Pei Si.

The products that we sell were:
  1. Nescafe Coffee
    • Original
    • Mocha
  2. Pokka Drinks
    • Lemon
    • Peach
    • Green Tea
  3. Mentos
    • Spearmint
    • Grape
  4. Hi-Chew
    • Grape
    • Strawberry
    • Green Apple
  5. Pepero
    • Almond
    • White Cookies
  6. M&M's
    • Milk
  7. Redondo
    • Chocolate
    • Vanilla
    • Cookies & Cream
  8. Pocky
    • Green Tea Matcha
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
  9. Yan Yan
    • Strawberry
    • Double Cream
    • Creamy Vanilla
  10. Hello Panda
    • Chocolate
    • Milk
    • Chocolate Banana
  11. Calbee
    • Sour Cream & Onion
    • Barbeque

Setting up for the event:

Had a hard time figuring this out =.="

 The results:

Attire on that day were smart casual to suit our theme.

Booth Team: Pin Sheng, Hwee Yee, Yillis and Hazz

 Mobile Team 1: Claudia, Pei Si

 Mobile Team 2: Xin Hui, Rosalind

Mobile Team 3: Bryan, Jarryl 

During the event:

Keeping it cool~

Mobile Team Basket

We dispatched the mobile team around the school at 11:10am. The most challenging part of this event was that there was low human traffic as it was during the December term break. However, our team managed to hit the sales target, largely because of our hardworking mobile teams. Throughout the event, our team have learned alot from the pre-event planning to the event execution. 

At 3:30pm, our team gather back at the booth for closing down. After bringing all the things back to the EMRS room, we counted our cash and goods to ensure that there were no stock loss and to tally the sales figures. Although we had a cash discrepancy of $1.05, it is acceptable.

Ultimately, our team had enjoyed our self in organizing this Mini Roadshow. It has allowed us to be creative and resourceful. It also helped to foster closer bonds between each other.

Luxasia Singapore philosophy Mobile Truck Sale

EMRS Team 2 organized a mobile truck sale for philosophy which took place on Wednesday, 17th December 2014. The truck was located at the loading bay near Carpark 6.

OIC: Sophia
AIC: Pin Er
Logistics: Shirley, Janice, Shammini and Dennison
Advertising & Publicity: Keith, Masturah, Yu Pin, Damien and Yao Kun
Finance: Yang Kai, Sze Yan and Su Ning

Pre-event preparation:
We were given the challenge of helping philosophy promote their brand and generate sales. Our team also hoped to gain real-life business experiences from this event, some of which include interacting with customers and our clients, adapting to sudden changes, and testing our resourcefulness.
A week before the event, the team recced the area to decide on the layout and wet weather plan. As the location was less than ideal, we focused a lot of our efforts on Advertising & Publicity to direct customers to the area.

Sophia, Janice and Sze Yan went around the different staff areas in Nanyang Polytechnic the day before the event to give out bounce-back cards to the staff. 

During the event:
The truck arrived much earlier than the expected arrival time and some of us had to go down to direct it. We also assisted with setting up the truck when the beauty advisors arrived.


A gift wrapping service station was set up, where we provided free gift-wrapping services to last-minute Christmas shoppers.

The team was separated into smaller groups. Each group consists of a moving billboard and two other members bringing philosophy product testers and bounce-back cards with candy canes.

Our mascots walking around campus:


Come visit us at our philosophy truck!
Before the customers entered the truck, we had to collect their contact details.
We managed to get a larger crowd than expected!

What a queue!

About one hour before wrap up, it started to drizzle, which eventually became a heavy rain. The beauty advisors did not agree with our initial wet weather plan and we had to improvise on the spot. We used umbrellas to shield customers coming in and going out of the truck from the rain. philosophy decided to wrap up early and we provided assistance to the beauty advisors with the packing up of the products.
Through this event, we learnt how to support our clients to the fullest of our abilities. By focusing on Advertising & Publicity and bringing in the crowd, they were able to focus on their forte, which is selling. We also learnt communication, teamwork and co-operation.

This event was brought to you by philosophy and Team 2! Cheers!

All in all, we had an enjoyable time working with philosophy and be part of the team that made their event a huge success! Thank you, philosophy, for giving us this wonderful opportunity! Also, a big thank you to the staff and students of NYP for coming down to our event. This event would not have been a success without you!