Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mini Roadshow: Eat Good Feel Good

This mini roadshow took place during the school holidays on 22 September - 23 September 2015, from 10.30am to 3.30pm. 

The objectives of this event are:

  1. To have hands on experience on planning and managing a small scale event
  2. To enhance greater teamwork among Team 3 students
  3. To provide a good opportunity to work with extreme clients

 We worked in collaboration with:
- Selling sugar free pre-biotic ice creams


- Selling healthy fruits & nuts that can be added as toppings for the ice-creams

Pre-Event Preparation

Initially, our roadshow was to be held on 9th September. However, due to the short time frame given, we were unable to find suitable vendor. Hence, our event was rescheduled to 2 weeks later.

We based our theme on the latest trend - Healthy Lifestyle; and started looking out for vendors who were able to meet our requirements.

As we were only given $20 budget, we tried to minimize our expenditures by reusing the materials from previous events. Therefore, we used handmade roses as part of d├ęcor.

As our first banner was not up to standard, we decided to change it to a better one.

Version #1

Version #2

In the midst of securing the banner in place ~

One of the major challenges we faced during this event roadshow was the ongoing haze situation. Initially, we wanted to hold it outside the old MSC as we felt that it would attract a bigger crowd to our booth. However, due to the worsening haze condition, we had to hold our event on two different locations: Old MSC on Day 1 and D'studio on Day 2.

Event Day
Day 1:

Starting the day right with positive vibes! :)

Our team members worked real hard during the preparation for the booth layout.


Introducing our FINANCE head...

To create a greenery effect, we used crates sponsored by Guiltfree with grass patches at the bottom. 

We had 3 mobile selling teams to cover different blocks in NYP. Each team consisted of 3 members, 1 carried the sandwich board while the other 2 handled the inventory and finance respectively. Apparently, the mobile selling teams had better response compared to the booth. 

Day 2:

Even though there was a change in location, the set-up was considered pretty smooth-sailing. Due to high unexpected sales on Day 1, we had to contact our suppliers for replenishments. 

Mobile Team C on their way to SIT blocks to promote our items!

All in all, our team managed to exceed our initial sales target of $600 and achieved a total sales of $2300. We learnt that with the right mindset, proactive attitude and teamwork, it is possible to overcome all hurdles and achieve the unexpected!

Although, our sales might have been even better if we have sold N95 masks during this hazy season. ;-)

   With lots of love,