Monday, April 13, 2015

Customized Study Path - Team 2

CSP was held on 10 April 2015 from 9am to 12.30pm at block B and block D. We were given about 3 weeks to plan for this event. We need to assist the students coming for CSP by managing the queue and helping them to plan and resolve clashes in their timetable.

We rearrange the tables and chairs in the room trying to maximize privacy for the consultation before the event. Also, we put up signage(lift lobby etc.) to provide directions to guide the students to the respective venues.

Sample layout of the room for consultation:



Event Day
On the day of the event, Team 2 reported at 8.15am to check all the rooms, ensuring that everything is fine before the event starts. We got team 4 to help us with ushering of the students and as lab assistant due to not having enough manpower. Students that come for the event are to register at D509. They will then be guided to the respective rooms, where we will give a queue number to them and, they will have to wait for their turn to meet their lecturers. After meeting the lecturers, students will proceed to B505 or B512 to get their timetable planned and printed. Following that, they will need to head back to meet their lecturers to get their timetable endorse.
After the event, we arrange the rooms back to how it was and take down all the signage. Within 30 minutes, the venue was cleared.

In conclusion, the event is successful even though we faced problems along the way. The attendance list of the students for the event is one of the problems we faced, as we need to confirm the number of students coming for the event so as to prepare enough seats for them. Also, some lecturers might want privacy when speaking to students, but we are not sure which lecturers want them, we prepared a holding room to counter to the problem. We have learnt that for an event to be successful, teamwork and communicating skills are very important.