Saturday, April 30, 2011

Izing Karaoke Audition

More contestants went for the registration at the last hours of the audition...

Ms Tess Tan, our teacher-in-charge, along with Ms Charmaine Khoo, one of the judges..

Our professional photographers, Claire and Yeow Shen

Winnie is giving instructions to a contestant on how to use the device.. Zan Hao and Mr Jimmy

Brendon Chua singing 'She will be loved' got himself into Semi Finals..

Alisa brought her friends to support her during the audition.

Fadzly, one of our 15 Semi finalists... He's cute. :P

Contestants nervously having their audition..

Ronamie, one of our 15 semi finalists, practising with the device.

Registration officially started. First contestant to arrive.

Setting up of booth

Friday, April 29, 2011


Do enjoy the video done by the Social Media Team for the iMusae iZing Karaoke Contest! :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is us surveying the venue before the audition day! For example, checking if there's enough tables, enough socket plugs for our laptops and many more!

Now, we are all ready for the audition tomorrow!! :D
Calender of Events for 26 April 11

1) IT Roadshow Preparation Day 2

Team 2 and 3 are busy designing posters for the upcoming IT Fair which will be held NEXT WEEK! All of them are cracking their brains for new ideas, hoping to make this fair a successful one!!

2) Bloggers at work :)

Had a briefing today to do intense online advertising for the Izing Karaoke Contest.

3) Izing Committee preparing Juding Sheet

Below is Geraldine using the cutter to cut the judging sheet nicely. The 1st round's judging sheet had uneven edges and were pretty small. After much work, this is our final piece :)

4) A &P Team with the voting booth preparation

This is Prasanth from Team 4, busy with the preparation for the voting booth. He seems to be enjoying what he is doing as part of the A/P team. With him are also Jessline and Gino.


the social media team are in the midst of planning and preparing a video that will include the whole footage of the auditions, semi-finals and the finals. It will include interviews too!

So now, we are waiting for tomorrow to come - the filming!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Calender of events for today.

1) Mini Road Show Debrief presentation

2) Calling of participants or the iZing Karaoke Contest

3) IT fair preparation day 1!

Friday, April 22, 2011

EMRS 2011 S1R1 First Mini Roadshow

Apart from the Karaoke contest, a part of team and the rest of the teams are involved in the mini roadshow at the linkway outside Macdonalds yesterday!

Those involved had to plan the marketing strategies, Advertisments and the logistics for the roadshow BEFORE executing it yesterday. Though it was tiring to do ALL of these already on the 1st week of EMRS, we all done it and tried our best!

It wasn't as easy as we all thought it would be. There were many things we need to do that we did not thought of - like stock counting and the writing of memos during a sale.

Sales was good for us, team 5, that day. However, when tallying the remaining stocks and the money collected, it was unbalanced. This is the GREATEST lesson learnt for us! Collecting money didnt felt so difficult.

On a whole, the whole experience was new and enriching. Now, let the photos do the talking. :)

During preparation.

Customer came when we were just setting up our booth. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iZing Karaoke Contest, Day 3

It’s the 3rd day of promotion of the Mobile Karaoke device!!

Today, despite having lesser of us at the booth due to club crawl, we managed to maintain our superb recruitment of 23 applicants and have a result of 62% success rate of the new product through our survey. The suppliers felt there was no need for emcees as there was little effect for the promotion of the event yesterday. Thus, the Emcee helped out with the promotion.

Since one of us, who were in-charged with the singing to attract attention of the passer-by wasn’t around, Winnie helped Zan Hao out and even sang a duet together!

Shortly after the performance by both singers, many came forward to the booth and asked about the iZing contest! Once, we had 8 applicants!

There were more people compared to the past few days coming up to us to ask more about the new product. This is quite an achievement for us!

Most who walked by our booth knew what was going on at our booth! They were telling their friends, “Karaoke”, as they point us while walking by.

So, tomorrow, we will continue to be at the booth at the same place ( outside shopping arcade) to promote the product and create greater awareness!

Do continue to support us by coming by! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

EMRS 2011 S1R1 iZing Karaoke Contest Recruitment

It's the 2nd day the new batch of us at EMRS to PROMOTE the iMUSAE Mobile Karaoke device and to RECRUIT participants for the Izing Mobile Karaoke Contest!

There were 6 of us from team 4 &5. Steve was the Emcee, Dahlia and Zan Hao were the singers, Joseph, Geraldine and I (Winnie) were the promoters of the product.

Zan Hao singing! :)

Today was more organised after the morning’s briefing of the product and the allocation of manpower for the event. We were more focused on promoting the product and then get participants for the contest, unlike yesterday which we focused on getting recruitments for the contest only.

We had an OVERWHELMING response of 26 participants for the contest today! In all, there are already 61 who have signed up for it, which had already exceeded our expected recruitment of 60 participants for the audition!

All thanks to the suppliers, Jimmy and Joan who had informed us more about the product so we could promote the device better. Through allowing fellow NYPians to try out the new product, we amazed them with the Mobile Karaoke functions and the quality of sound produced.

90% of the interviewees were surprised and amazed by the high quality Karaoke sound output from the earpiece as they talk or sing into the mini microphone of the device.

There were 80% of the interviewees who even wanted to purchase it on the spot even though they were told it would be sold at $50 each and it wasn’t for sales today. The rest either dislike the karaoke echo or found it too expensive.

I think the knowledge of the product and the testing of the product before the road show has allowed us to do our promotion better today.

Tomorrow, we would be continuing our promotion and the recruitment! Do continue to support us at our road show outside the shopping arcade tomorrow between 12pm to 3pm! You could be the winner of our grand prize, an iPAD!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

EMRS 2011 S2R3 Leaving Cermony

A special video as a gift to all the 4 supervisor for their support and guidance throughout EMRS

A video as memories to all EMRS Batch 2011 S2R3 Students

Lastly, a video showing a comedy moment in EMRS :D