Thursday, May 26, 2016

Triumph Sales 2016

Date: 19th and 20th May 2016, Thursday and Friday
Venue: Auditorium lobby
Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Team 3 with Miss Quek

About the event:
Events Management Road Show (EMRS) partnered Triumph once again to hold the annual Triumph sale. Both parties have collaborated with each other in the past, bringing past season collections , offering them to fellow students at up to 70% off the original retail prices. Triumph staff were in charge of manning the cashier and ensuring the availability of stocks while students from Team 3 were in charge of advertising, promoting and manning activity stations such as the spin the wheel and the Instagram board contest.

Pre event:
Firstly, Team 3  started planning and executing their ideas for the event as early as 3 weeks before the actual event was scheduled to happen. The first idea that the team acted on was creating the life size three dimensional cardboard version of Triumph’s logo.
We first started collecting unused cardboard boxes from various locations such as Cheers and D’ studio to help save costs. The execution portion of this idea took the longest as the team had to draw, cut out and finally glue gun 8 of the letters including the crown logo. After the letters were dry and firmly glued together, the team then began to paint the letters dark red as per Triumph’s logo. The painting process involved many coats of painting.

Secondly, the Triumph team personally went down to the auditorium lobby so as to take specific measurements regarding the space available to display Triumph’s goods. This step was vital in ensuring that the floor plan drawn up by the overall in charge, Ya Xian was accurate. This also enabled logistics to secure the adequate amount of equipment and allow the wagons brought in to be displayed in an orderly manner with easy accessibility for shoppers.

Triumph Poster

Lastly, for the advertising and promotions aspect, posters were placed at 6 prominent locations to bring about more awareness for the upcoming event. In addition, A6 sized flyers were given out the day before the event specifically targeting female students in various schools during lunch time and also during the refreshments period outside the large scaled business lecture. Also, as the advertising and promotions team was aware of slowing economy, we came up with various ideas such as engaging shoppers with a question and answer session and also Instagram contest. This involved liaising with Triumph for prizes. The questions and boards needed were all done up by the Triumph team.

 Promotion Activities: Spin the Wheel & Triumph Instagram Contest

Set up

The actual event was held on the 19th & 20th of May.

Day 1

‘Triumph Sale’ Fixture

On the first day of the event, we had to report at 8:00 a.m. for set up.  First we took boxes and materials from the EMRS Room and Logistic Room.  We then headed down to the Auditorium to set up the fairy lights along with our Triumph Sale Fixture. The NYP Estate Staff came to opened the Auditorium doors at around 8.20am, after which we headed in to set up the Fitting Room, Cashier, Spin the Wheel Station and Music.

Setting up of the tables

When the wagons and stocks arrived around 8.30am, we started arranging the bras according to the sizes and the wagons were placed shown in the picture below.


Triumph Floor Plan at NYP Auditorium Lobby

At around 10:00am , we all had a crash course on how to measure bust sizes and what kind of bras and briefs that Triumph offers.
We started sales at 10.30am.

Initially, we had anticipated better sales as we thought that $25 for each fashion intimate and $5 for briefs was a great deal as Triumph was a well established brand. Our target sale set was $18,000 for both days. The sales in the morning were very stale. This might have been due to the fact that students and lecturers were in lessons and was still early for the public. When lunch period came along, we noticed that the sales picked up by a little. We also noticed that people were too shy to enter the Auditorium Lobby. Therefore, two of us had to stay at the door to try to encourage them to head in to take a look. We also had shout outs of our event using the stage that was provided by the IT fair. At the end of the day, we packed the “Triumph sale” word into the auditorium and covered the wagons with a red cloth that was provided.

Day 2
On the second day of the event, we arrived at 9:00 a.m. and started setting up the “Triumph Sale” word.  We also decided to print words such as SALES, BUY 5 GET 1 FREE, $25 & LAST DAY to gain more awareness for the event running in the auditorium. It was printed in A3 & A4 size and pasted on the glass panels in the auditorium. We felt that it did help the sales as more people came in the morning compared to the day before.

At 12:00 p.m., we borrowed the stage used by the IT fair once again and had a Q & A session with the intention to create further awareness that there was an event held in the auditorium.

Even though we did not meet the sales target at the end of the day, sales compared to the day before was better.

Post event
After the event has ended, we helped the Triumph staff to pack up the Auditorium. As our team has 12 people, there will be 2 people in charge of each area of the Triumph event. We packed the lingerie of the same sizes into boxes. The poster stands at the various locations were also collected back.
We removed our block letters, fairy lights and papers that were pasted on the glass. We then proceeded to pack up our logistics that were from the fixtures room. All the logistics were placed neatly at the front of the Auditorium to make sure we did not leave out any logistics. Thereafter, we returned all logistics back to the respective places in the fixtures room.


In conclusion, the Triumph event was an eye-opener for many of us. Even though we did not manage to meet the sales target, this event went smoothly throughout the 2 days. It was our first time handling a lingerie event and it feels awkward at the beginning. We slowly got used to it and worked really well as a team. This event was very meaningful as we might not have another chance to run such events in the future. Through this event, our team became more bonded and had more teamwork together. A big thank you to Triumph for allowing us to have this opportunity to plan this event. Thank you Ms Quek for supporting us and giving us suggestions throughout the planning of the event and on the actual days.

NYP Graduation Flower Sales 2016

Dates: 6 May 2016 - 12 May 2016
Venue: NYP Atrium
Time: 8.00AM - 8.00PM

About the Event
The NYP Graduation Flower Sales 2016 took place at NYP’s Atrium from the 6th May to 12th May respectively. It was organised by EMRS Team 3 and Xpressflowers. A total of 12 of us were involved in the sales of the various types of flower bouquets.

By the end of the first week, the OICs of our team, Kerina and Samuel, had come up with a well-organised schedule. It clearly indicated the exact reporting time, break time, as well as shift timings. They also deployed manpower to be cashiers and salespeople.

The posters were created by Wei Han and Ayn, who were in charge of the Advertising & Promotion (A&P). They had a rough layout of posters by the middle of the first week and completed them by the 3rd of May. The posters were placed around the school campus, with at least one poster stand at each school.

 The banner was made through a joint effort of team 3 and through much deliberation and thought, our final product was born.

On the 5th of May, a day before the actual event, we retrieved the necessary equipment from the logistics room and started to set up our booth. We revised our roles and conducted a dry run on how the customer would interact with each point in our booth.

On the very same day, a few of us who were appointed to be the cashiers for the entire event also learnt to operate the POS machine.

Actual Event
There were a few changes made throughout the event as well as various challenges faced. Our initial flow of the transaction process is as follows. We had wanted our customers to look at the display of samples on the wire mesh, after which that they would choose their specific bouquet at the start of our booth which would then be brought to the holding area. Succeeding payment at the cashier, customers would finally be able to collect their flowers at the collection booth.

However, when the event started, we realized that the collection counter was redundant when there was a slow but steady stream of customers and was only useful when a large crowd arrived, which in turn, rarely happened. Thinking on our feet, we decided to close the collection booth and convert the holding area to a reserve area for customers who have paid. This greatly improved the flow of the booth and like a well-oiled engine, we started to take off.

To promote Mother's day, we attempted to have a roving team of students who would try and sell flowers on the go. However the response we received was lacklustre as most students were unapproachable and it would be more efficient if the students stayed at the booth. Thus, we had to dismiss this method of selling.

Another complication that arose was that some of the bouquets which had arrived were dissimilar to those which we had advertised. The types of flowers and bouquets that came each session varied in terms of pricing, wrapping style and size.

We displayed the various samples of bouquets on the wire mesh. This was to enable the customers to have a closer look at the bouquets available and before they purchase their preferred bouquet. However, due to the inconsistency and at times shortage of flowers, we made the decision to take down the samples during busier sessions and use the empty wire meshes as a barricade to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing the stock.

During the five days of the event, there were changes made to the stipulated opening and closing time. We had to open later due to the inconsistency in the delivery time of flowers and closed the booth earlier as there was a lack of a crowd towards the end.

There were various roles that needed to be attended to, someone to restock flowers, someone at the front of the booth to attend to the customers and others to make sure the flowers were presented correctly and adequately watered. Most of these roles overlapped each other and would have caused complications. However due to the teamwork and camaraderie we had formed as a team, we were able to communicate well and work as a whole to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Also many customers were unsure about what flowers to purchase, we approached them and provided them the information on which flowers would be appropriate.

Nearing the end of the event, as we began to tear down the booth, we were more efficient with our time and managed to dismantle the booth quickly. After all the equipment were safely put back into the fixtures room, we were elated to find out that we had over exceeded our projected sales figure twice.

We had learnt new skills through this event which included the wrapping of bouquets, proper customer service and efficiency. Furthermore, this event has also helped us to polish up our ability to work as a team.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SBM Graduation 9th May 2016

SBM Graduation 2016
It’s the Graduation week once again! It was segmented to three different sessions: morning, noon and late afternoon, each consisting of various diploma cohort. It’s the period where every graduates say goodbye to their fellow classmates and friends. 3 years of Polytechnic education have passed by in the blink of an eye…

In regards to this event, EMRS team 2 and 4 had to attend a briefing conducted by Mr.Puar to understand the flow of the event, roles, time and dress code. This time round, we had to collaborate with the Executive team (E-team) to plan out the allocation of manpower, the roles and also the schedule for everyone. As the in-charge, Cheu Le and Jia Ling had to meet up with the E-Team members to come up with a suitable plan. After discussing, both of them briefed us on the details for the events such as the specific role for everyone. A week before the event, we went to borrow Blazers from the school (thankfully we don’t have to buy it!) as we had to wear Formal during the event.

In addition, EMRS team 2 and 4 had to attend a few rehearsals to understand how the whole event is going to work. Additionally, we had to pretend to be a graduate and go up on stage to receive the certificate.

Through this, we were able to feel how it was like to be graduating. It was actually a good experience and it felt as if we have graduated 1 year earlier!

During Event
On 9th May 2016, it was the actual SBM Graduation Day! For those people who were in-charge of the morning shift, they had to report at 7am, which means they have to wake up super early! Too bad for them!

Most of us were in charge of the registration booth where graduates register themselves. After that, they proceeded on to put on their graduation gowns. The rest of us were supposed to help out in the ushering duties, demonstrating on how to receive the certificate on stage as well as facilitating the large crowd. After the ceremony ended, some of us had to usher the parents or guests to the reception area for refreshment.

The scene was quite chaotic as there were hundreds of graduates and guests for every session. So, it was a challenge to control the crowds but we managed to do it with the assistance of the E-Team Members.

 After the ceremony started, those who finished their primary roles went to the pre-function room to stand-by to assist where needed.

Graduates registering.

What an elegant smile!

Facilitating the crowds.

The number of guests in the Auditorium is shocking!

The day was finally over and we were done with our job! It was indeed a tiring day but being able to see the smiles of the graduates made everything worth the while. We were so glad to be part of this event as we are able to see how the ceremony is like.

The best part is that we were able to get FREE food! Yums… We have never been to such an awesome reception before. The reception area had a wide variety of good and the food was very good! When we say it’s very good, it really mean that it’s super good! It was so nice that some of us wanted to take some food back secretly.

Through this event, we have learnt that communication and teamwork are very important because we had to coordinate with the E-Team and there were many people involved for this event. As such, we had to make sure that everyone are clear of what they are expected to do for this event.

Last but not least, congratulations to the graduating classes of 2016, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours! 

Monday, May 16, 2016

RHB-The Straits Times National Spelling Championship (Finals)

Date: 30th April 2016, Saturday

Venue: Nanyang Polytechnic Theatre for the Arts

Time: 7AM-12PM

About The Event:

For the Finals, there were a total of 21 participants. These 21 participants have gone through the Preliminary and Zonal rounds which started out with 1,800 participants. These 21 participants gathered for this final to determine the overall champion.


On 28th April 2016 the crew from Avivar came to the Theatre for the Arts to recce the place and also to give the EMRS students a briefing about the event.

On 29th April 2016 the crew from Avivar came to the theatre for the Arts to set up the place for the event and also to brief the EMRS students on the flow of the event and also to do a dry run of the event at 3PM.



We reached the theatre for the arts at 3PM, however the briefing and the dry run only started at around 4.30PM as there was a slight delay as the Avivar crew were not done with the setup, which caused the whole dry run to only end at 6PM.   

The dry run only included the stage crew and the ushers, as part of running through the game play. Therefore those who were not involved in these roles, pretended to be the participants to allow the Avivar crew and ourselves to better visualise and understand what would happen on the actual event.

Event Day:

On the actual day, all the EMRS students gathered outside the theatre for the arts at 7AM where we began with the registration crew being briefed by Avivar. Every EMRS student was given a badge to indicate that they are a crew member.


At 7.45AM, the registration started for the participants and the  guests. 

However there was a slight delay on the preparation in the auditorium, it took longer than expected to complete. Hence, we tried our best to explain the situation to the people and ask them to wait.

After all the preparation is done, the participants were first allowed into the auditorium for a briefing of the process of the competition followed by the guests.  

Once the guests were settled down, we watched a video while waiting for the arrival of the GOH and VIPs before the competition commenced.

The spelling rounds commenced and it went smoothly and we finally were left with 2 students who sat aside to wait for their spell off to determine the champion while we invited the last 4 students who were eliminated to determine the 3rd runner up.

And after a few rounds, we finally have our Grand Final winner and the two runner ups.


After the competition was over, the EMRS students had the chance to take a photo with the VIP who is the Minister of State for Education and Communication & Information.

In conclusion, we definitely benefited a lot from supporting this event in means that we could and it was a good learning experience for us to be able to witness the process of an external event.