Thursday, February 26, 2015

CNY Food Sampling and Sales Events

CNY e-catalogue

Click on the CNY e-catalogue cover to view the full list of the products

EMRS Team 4 had prepared and conducted Chinese New Year Food Sampling 2015. We sourced for external vendors to collaborate with us. With much preparation and discussion, our food sampling sessions lasted for two days successfully. We handled orders from our lecturers, staff and students (booth and mobile team). Last but not least, we communicated with the vendors regarding the pre-ordered items. After which, we moved on to the distribution of the items.

Pre-event Preparation 


 We created our brochures, posters, floor stickers and CNY catalogue. Because of time constraints and limitations, we had to take the images of the items ourselves when we received them for food sampling. We also went to the fixture room to discuss about the set up of our booth. Our Advertising and Promotion (A&P) was successfully done with our own DIY decors.



In overall, the food sampling went very smoothly, furthermore due to popular demands, we even extended for another day, therefore we are able to finish all the available food sampling items.

Through this event, we have displayed excellent teamwork, coordination and customer service skills, thus leading to a wonderful experience for both the customers and us. At the end of the event, we exceeded our sales target of SGD 4000.

Thus we can conclude that the CNY Sales event was a successful one.


Firstly, It would be best to hold the event one week earlier to avoid the study break period in order to garner more potential customers.

Secondly, we would also highly recommend that we should contact our vendors two months preceding the event to inform them we have the interest to collaborate together. As such, they would have more buffer time to follow up with us and supply the items to us.

Thirdly, having Google Chrome browsers in our school computers would better assist us with our preparation in hosting the e-catalogue.

And lastly, we could turn the food sampling and pre-order event into a Chinese new Year fair by inviting more vendors into the school to provide us with a wider range of Chinese new year food items. This not only attracts more attention, but also helps to stimulate purchasing actions from consumers who seek convenience.  

I.T. & Electronics Fair 2015

 EMRS Team 4 had conducted an I.T. and Electronics Fair on 24th January 2015.

Pre-event Preparation

A long but essential process for us to conduct the fair successfully. We managed to design our own posters and confirmed with our vendor, AceCom regarding the consignment, rental and products' pricing details.


We targeted our school students and lecturers with our posters and physical booth outside shopping arcade. Although the stocks came late, we managed to get it displayed on the tables as quickly as possible and manned the booth successfully.

Challenges and Solutions

1. Having product knowledge VS handling customers' requests (solved by asking our vendor, Adam.)

2. Working on the POS system (E.g. We did not know how to exchange the items and key in the data using the POS. However, we solved it by doing a new transaction instead of holding back the customers' waiting time.)

3. Handling stock counts (solved by double checking and following up with our vendor regarding the final quantity of items sold.)

4. Sending IT Fair poster for approval (Due to some complications, we didn't receive the url for the electronics catalogue within stipulated timing, thus we only managed to send in the finalized poster for approval at a later date.)

We gained valuable skills and experiences from our vendor, customers and our team members through this event. Examples would be having teamwork during the set up of our booth and displaying our responsibilities of managing the booth. 

Planned for the unplanned

1. Getting updates from the vendor about the stocks during the event and knowing the popular items so we know how to promote the items confidently.

2. Acting as customers and predict the questions which customers would actually ponder on so we would be handle customers' doubts more effectively and efficiently.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Triumph Event by Team 3

Triumph Event was held on the 19th to 21st Jan 2015 from 10 30am to 4 30pm at the Auditorium Lobby. It featured a wide range of fashion intimates for women from $30 onwards.


The planning for the event commenced on the 8th of Jan. We started off by editing and making amendments to the poster given by Triumph.



Few days before the commencement of the event, we went around putting our posters in different parts of the school to raise awareness for our event. We also created ‘footsteps’ that will lead students from the atrium to the auditorium.



On the first day of the event, before the doors opened at 10 30am, we started setting up by opening the many boxes that carried all the different lingerie by Triumph. The wagons were provided by Triumph so we began arranging the lingerie according the different designs.


First Day

On the first day, sales weren’t as much as we expected it to be. The traffic flow of students and staff coming into the auditorium to look at the products was also not as high. We felt the price of the lingerie might be a little pricey for students as most of them were sold at 2 for $60.



Second and Third Day

On the second day, we introduced a new promotion at “3rd piece for $10”. This seemed to have a positive impact on many of our target audience and sales started picking up. The traffic flow was so much better as we could see more students and staff entering the auditorium to at least look at the products. Some who didn’t even have the intention of buying any lingerie, ended up sharing the promotion with their friends. So everyone benefitted in the end!




After an exhausting 3 days, our Triumph event finally came to a closure. Teamwork was definitely something that we learnt as we learnt to set up the fixtures together as a team and we were coming up with interesting ways to increase the sales of the event. We are very grateful to our supervisor, Ms Winnie Quek, who has given us this opportunity to work with Triumph and we would like to thank all the students and staff who came down to support our event.