Tuesday, August 30, 2016

EMRS Team 2 Resorts World Sentosa Halloween Horror Nights 6 Roadshow

Date: 1st, 2nd and 3rd August 2016

Venue: Outside Koufu

Time: 10.00AM to 04.30PM

Halloween Horror Nights by Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is one of the largest scare fests held in Singapore, and EMRS worked with RWS to promote this year’s event. How exciting!

This was a rather different experience where RWS actually provided us with the marketing collaterals and we had to devise a plan to promote the booth.
We focused all our efforts to help make their event here in NYP a success! 
The main objectives of this event were to attract people to the booth and to spread awareness about the special offer tickets.
We had to allocate the respective tasks where the 2 OICs - Samantha and Pei Fen were in charge of contacting Ms Yvette from RWS, and liaising with her with regards to the logistics allocation for the booths. Strong young men were required for our Logistics team where only Brandon and Arif were buff enough to be qualified as the ICs! Damien, Alichel and Xavier worked as the ‘brains’ of the team to provide constructive inputs.

This is what we call the perfect combination of having ‘brains and brawns’.

Next up would be our creative souls in the A&P team led by the IC Angela, with members, Mingli, Jocelyn, Jiamin, Nasyibah, Sockhuay and Arifah.
Part of the team started to brainstorm ideas for designing the quiz and redemption tokens whereas the others worked on the lucky dip box!

RWS provided us with 3000 brochures for A&P purposes and we came up with a brilliant idea to tie it in with quiz questions. 
The quiz consisted of questions relating to the roadshow booth and event details of Halloween Horror Night 6.
There were 2 mandatory and 4 random questions to answer.

We attached quiz questions on ice cream sticks for participants to randomly select.


Deng Deng Deng! Presenting to you our Lucky Dip Box!
Upon answering the quiz questions correctly, students will be given a quiz token for a chance to the Lucky Dip to win attractive merchandise.
Isn’t that exciting?!

The quiz token serves as a verification that the student has completed the quiz. Students who completed the quiz and purchased tickets at booth were given a redemption token and they were entitled to another chance of Lucky Dip.
At first, many loopholes were found in the quiz questions as it was open-ended and ambiguous.
When we realised this, we altered the quiz questions into a multiple choice format. By doing so, we killed two birds with one stone where questions were made simple and students are also able to find out about booth upon completing the quiz!

Event Day 1

Everyone was punctual on the first day! The Logistics team proceeded to the Fixtures room to bring out the logistics while the OICs were in charge of bringing items such as the ‘Lucky Dip Box’ and merchandise. The A&P team proceeded to the location outside Koufu, to assist RWS in setting up A&P materials, such as the A1 Poster Stands and free merchandise. 

The set-up was completed at 10.00am, using a time of only half an hour. How efficient!
Our team then dispersed to their respective areas to promote the event.
We had our OICs at the Lucky Dip booth to provide assistance to students participating in the Lucky Dip, and also to ensure that only a single point of contact is present between them and RWS so that when problem arises, changes could be made to the plan fast and accurately.    

Our 5 mobile teams were allocated to the different schools such as School of Engineering (SEG) and School of Chemical Sciences (SCL) where they publicized about the HHN6 event to attract students to the booths. They also took the initiative to cover areas not part of allocated location such as the area outside library to promote the event. Kudos to us!

Don’t all of us get tired of people asking, ”Do you want to do a survey?” or “Are you interested to take part in a quiz?” Bearing that thought in mind, we tweaked our questions and used attention grabbing sentences such as “Would you like to win a prize?” to engage the students.
And…. it worked! Students were seen to be more attracted where we had an increased number of them participating in the quiz.

Event Day 2

Day 2! We are at it again! Today was a wee bit special, where we made changes to our booth layout. Behoooooold!

                   Before                                                             After                               

Don’t they always say, “It’s better to have a friend than an enemy”? Rather than having the pillar as a obstruction, we rearranged the tables in an ‘L’ shape layout such that our Lucky Dip booth was facing different a direction to the other 2 booths occupied by RWS.
The new arrangement increases visibility of the booth and on top of that, it brings the booth forward, increasing our presence to the direction of the escalator where most students are approaching from.

Additionally, this arrangement is more spacious and has hence provided more room for movements. Bonus!

The changes did not stop there, we refurbished our manpower allocation as well.
The team observed that our efforts made to engage students at the atrium was up to no avail where most students were either rushing to classes or leaving the school. Our teammates (Brandon and Nasyibah) stationed at the atrium was hence reallocated to areas within the North and South escalators respectively as it caters to a greater amount of audiences such as students heading for lunch etc.

Event Day 3

Finally, the last day came! Everyone persevered to this day and we were determined to execute it with the best of our abilities!  

On the last day, the queue was considerably long as compared to the first two days as students may require time to ponder and gather their friends to purchase the tickets together.

Our main focus for Day 3 was to push the sales and maximise the amount of merchandise given out for the Lucky Dip whilst emphasizing that it’s the last day of the event.

We boldly executed the roadshow without the quiz questions and only gave students who purchased the Halloween tickets a chance to participate in the lucky dip.
And it paid off!
This allowed us to prioritize students who purchased the tickets and ensured that merchandise were given to the right audience.

We also decided to fully utilise redemption tokens as an additional attraction to encourage students to purchase the tickets, in addition to free merchandise given out by RWS. One receipt was entitled to 3 tries of the Lucky Dip. It allowed us to prioritize students who purchased tickets and ensured that merchandise were given to the right audience.

Were you one of the lucky ones who purchased the tickets?

Overall, it was an experiential event as we learnt that whenever a problem arises, we can find ways to mitigate and make the best out of it. Indeed, numerous changes were made but this roadshow gave the team a truly indispensable learning experience.

It was a different event as compared to our Mini Roadshow as we did not have to plan the event from scratch. Moreover, we were engaged by RWS where most of the A&P and Logistics equipment were already prepared and pre-requested respectively. Therefore, our main focus was to raise awareness of the event and encourage students to buy discounted tickets. As such, we were able to put our interpersonal and marketing skills into use by constantly persuading students to participate in the quiz.

Next, we managed to gain operational skills as we learnt how to setup poster stands and spider web used for the big poster at the booth.

The event was so successful that RWS contacted EMRS for another chance of collaboration!

Lastly, we would like to thank Mr Sudesh for guiding us throughout the event by continuously probing us with questions that made us think out-of-the box!

EMRS Team 3 Mid-Autumn Festival Roadshow


Date: 16th and 17th September 2016
Time: 10.30am to 3.30pm
Venue: Outside Koufu 
Objective: To provide staff with the convenience of buying Mooncakes in school.
What is the mid autumn festival?
The Mid-Autumn Festival known as 中秋节 is a popular harvest festival celebrated by the Chinese community, whereby people will buy or made mooncakes to celebrate this joyous occasion.


Bakerzin's Mooncake
Holiday Inn's Mooncake
Gin Thye's Mooncake

Pre-event Preparation
Planning started some 5 weeks before the actual event. 
Our team consists of Peiying and Kenneth as OIC's, Kim Hwee and Cheryl as Logistics, Desmond as Finance and Terri and Jieying in charge of A&P. 

Prior to the event, our team came up with the theme of the event (Chang'E & bunnies), which relates back to how the mid autumn festival came about and setting the timeline for the work to be done and calling up of vendors. 

Our team contacted several vendors to enquire if they were interested to work together with us. The vendors ranged from hotel brands to local bakeries, such as Holiday Inn, BreadTalk, Thye Mok Chan. 

After calling our potential vendors, we decided to settle with Bakerzin, Gin Thye and Holiday Inn. These 3 vendors were able to provide us with relatively good discounts which hence allowed us to set our prices competitively. 

Once the vendors were confirmed, we proceeded to confirm with them on the delivery date of the mooncakes for sampling and to agree to our terms of consignment basis, our 30 day credit term and payment via Giro. 

Subsequently we came up with the details that would be put up on our online portal. As this event is done on a pre-order basis, we had to make sure the details on the website are all accurate to avoid any dispute. We also had to create an order form for easier ordering from the staff.
online website

Our A&P came up with several materials which comprised of banner, posters, catalogues, bookmarks and gift cards as prizes. 


Gin Thye's Catalog

Bakerzin's Catalog

Holiday Inn's Catalog
Prizes for the Plinko Game (Bookmarks)

Prizes for Plinko Game (Greeting Cards)

We also designed a game called Plinko whereby our customers can play and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

Plinko Game
Plinko Game

Plinko Game's Instructions

We also created an  e-commerce platform for our customers to provide greater convenience for them to purchase the products. 

Shown below is how our online website looks like.

We later collated the total orders of mooncakes for all vendors and attained the sales figure of $2,549. However, our targeted sales was $5,500. We later reflected on the possible reasons for us to reach only half the targeted sales figure and came up with After Action Review (AAR) and presented it to Ms Quek and Mr Sudesh.

From this event, we learnt that;
  1. We do not have to organize the event by the traditional way of setting up a booth and get the mooncakes to sell in NYP. But we could actually get the vendors here in NYP and get them to sell their mooncakes to the people in school. This could have improved the sales figure as the staff may be more convinced to purchase since the vendors are personally selling.
  2. We need to accommodate customers' taste in purchasing things, especially in food and beverages. Customers nowadays are more health conscious and less people are willing to purchase mooncakes for themselves as it may be too sweet for their palette. Most customers get it as a gift for others. We should have sourced for more healthier options and halal mooncakes to cater to a larger target market.
  3. Wide competition among the online market (e.g. G Market, early bird discount) for mooncakes as there were more variety and lower in pricing. This affected our sales as our potential customer may feel that buying from other online website to be more cheaper and worth.
  4.  The delivery date of the mooncakes (30 August) may be too early for some staff. This is 2 weeks before the actual mooncake festival and some customers may feel it would be better if the date was nearer as it will be more fresher.


Mobile Promotion
Although our road show was on 16th and 17th August, we continued our mobile selling on the 18th also. We followed the manpower plan and bringing the mooncake samples, we covered the whole school by knocking on all the doors of the staff room. This enabled us to attain higher sales as we also tried to accept payment on the spot where we helped them to complete the transaction at D'studio and pass the receipt back to them. 
Sales Performance
Targeted Sales: $5,500
Sales attained: $2,549
We collated the number of boxes that we confirmed and sent it to the vendors for preparation.

Despite not meeting our sales target, our team has gained the experience on carrying out the whole event from planning to execution. This was a valuable experience that we will not forget.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Venue: Outside Koufu
Time: 10:30 AM to 3.30 PM

Event Background

Our team was tasked to source for a vendor that does not sell food and is willing to work on consignment basis. Bearing this in mind, we decided to work with a drink company. Having a long list of vendors which included Overdose, Gryphon tea, Soi55, Matchya, Abana and many others, we settled on working with Collaboration Tea. 

Why we chose to work with Collaboration Tea is that they were quick to get back to us agreeing on the partnership and was willing to compromise to our terms and conditions. We believed that we could build up the brand awareness for them through this collaboration.

About Collaboration Tea

Collaboration Tea sells aroma infused tea with motivational quotes attached to it and are packed in unique packaging that are customizable upon request. Due to their hipster looking packaging, we knew it was going to be hit in our school as it's something almost everyone would love as they would not be able to find it outside market.



After securing our vendor, we worked out the logistics and manpower list which will come in handy for the event as another team was also having their event. By having a logistic list, we knew what to buy and which equipment to book or share with the other team. The manpower allocation helped us to better allocate our team members be it manning the booth or going out for mobile selling.

Before the event, we decided on a floral theme as it complement our products. Surrounding the theme, we did up the posters to be placed up around the school to help with promoting our event. 

We also did a floral garden fence with fairy lights around it to put our tea bags in. Furthermore, we made a banner with our group name to attract more customers to our booth and we had catalogues which showed the different teas that we were selling and the benefits of the teas. 

An order form and stock card were also created to ensure that there was no stock discrepancy. Before every mobile selling, we noted down on the stock card the amount of product that was taken from the booth. At the end of each day, we tallied our remaining stocks with the order forms to make sure the amount was correct for the day.

A day before our event, we went around different locations of the schools to put up our posters side by side with the Mooncake team as seen from the pictures above! Also, we ensured our banner was properly secured to the poles, tea benefit labels and order forms were prepared and our teas were properly packed according to how many we wanted to sell on the first day for both booth and mobile selling.

Event Day

On the day of event, we got down to the fixtures room to collect the items that we booked and went straight to our event venue and started to set up our booth. On the first day, we took quite some time to get our booth together but we reflected on what could be improved and worked on those areas for the setting up next day.

We deployed ourselves around the school for mobile selling to boost our sales and it really did help as our best selling tea, Lychee Martini was almost close to sold out just on the first day itself. Tea samplings were readily available at the booth at the same time to allow customers to taste and identify which flavors are to their liking.

By the second day, we managed to sell out half of our products, leaving ourselves with 28/200 packets of teas to sell. With that, we decided to do mobile selling on the third day to finish selling our stocks and it did not take us an hour to do which was very elating for us!!

Post event

A day after our roadshow ended, we tore down our banner to reuse and prepare the board for our upcoming event but before that... we could not resist a groupie! (the sole thorn to our bed of roses was not around on that day) 


There were several takeaways from this roadshow which included understanding the key process of running a roadshow event, learning how to setup and tear down our booth efficiently during events and also how to run our own event from sourcing for a supplier to executing the event ourselves.

If anything, we also think that we should be more confident in ourselves when it comes to achieving the sales target as we thought we could not hit our sales target as it was during the study break period. However, our sales proved ourselves wrong as we managed to sell off all our stocks.

We were glad that we went for mobile selling of our teas along with the Mooncake team (they brought along their mooncake samples for their mobile sampling) for we think that it was an excellent pairing and proven a good idea as it helped to boost our sales.