Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mini Road Show by Team 2

Finally, It’s our Mini Roadshow that all of us were looking forward to! The event was held on 22nd February 2012, between 10.30 am to 3.30pm at the NYP Linkway. The theme of our team for the roadshow was ‘Take a Break and Chill’.
                                                      From left first row: Wahidah, Jiamin, Mei Qin
From left second row: Xin Yu, Wei Keong, Roshini, Zhang Yu, Edwin

We were assigned to market and sell various Cheers products such as Pokka and F&N drinks and a variety of snacks.
Before the event, our team chose Wei Keong as the OIC, Jiamin as the Logistics IC and Wahidah as the A&P IC.After appointing the three main roles, we went down to Cheers to do up the stock transfer list by choosing the products that we would like to have at our booth.
After deciding the stocks that we want for our mini roadshow, our A&P IC, Wahidah, led us to brainstorm on how to advertise our products and we started on the A&P preparation.
During the setting up of the roadshow, Wei Keong said,” Lets go team, we can do this before 10.30am.”
Some of the popular items sold were Pokka Green tea, Pokka Honey Green tea, Yan Yan Original- Strawberry, Pocky Lychee and Milo Hi-CAL.

Edwin unloading the drinks to our shelf

Wei Keong hanging our signage

Our Pokka poster

Our Gfeel Iphone 4 cover poster

Our Bundle Specials

Hot selling snacks

The drinks for mobile selling

Wei Keong, Roshini and Edwin at work
Edwin attending to the customer

Wei Keong counting the money from our sales

Overall, our mini roadshow was a huge success due to our hard work and effort our team had put in. Because this was the first time that we held a mini roadshow, it was tiring and fun at the same time. We had a good time working together as a team and we also learnt that without teamwork, we would not be able to make this event a success. Moreover, we have learnt a lot during the process of this event such as planning, organizing, selling and promoting. Most importantly, we would like to thank our friends, customers and supervisors for supporting us. Without them, our event will not be a huge success! This event made our day and we look forward to many other events in the future.

Heaven On Earth! - Team 3

Team 3 was given the task of organizing a mini-roadshow, alongside with the other 3 teams in EMRS Round 3. The event was held on 22nd February 2012, between 10.30am to 3.30pm at the NYP Linkway, outside McDonalds. Two teams were allocated products from MSC Studio, while the other two, including our team, were given products from Cheers.

Situated right outside the left entrance of McDonalds, our team sold drinks, namely Heaven and Earth, Yeos, Fanta, and a bunch of snacks as well. Inspired but the freshness of a bottled “Heaven and Earth” drink, our booth was aptly named “Heaven on Earth”, revolving around a theme incorporating Greek Mythology, Angels and Nature. These were the various touchpoints we used so as to awaken our customers’ visual senses and at the same time giving them a taste of how “Heaven” is like. 

In all, we had a little over a week to prepare all our A&P (advertising and promotion) materials which include posters, signage, price tags, and the various aspects of visual merchandising. We were given a $20 budget to purchase these materials and other resources. As we were selling drinks, we were given an extra $10 budget to purchase ice.

To complement with the theme of our roadshow, our team dressed up as angels (white top and a halo head dress) and embellished our booth with a banner, Greek pillars, a mannequin dressed up as a roman holding up our price lists, and in addition, various footprint signage were also pasted on the walkway leading up to our booth, representing “The Stairway to Heaven”. Our posters were placed the entrance of the Atrium, and right outside the shopping arcade.

Setup was smooth and we completed it around 10am. When operations for the booth began, there was a moderate crowd flow at the beginning and started increasing during the lunch break period.  To boost our sales, a mobile selling team was mobilized to different places such as the various school blocks, the staff rooms and business centres. The team enjoyed the firsthand experience of handling the business process of running the booth and serving our various customers.

We were also given the opportunity to sell ‘GFEEL’ iPhone Covers, designed by students of School of Design, manufactured by the School of Engineering, and promoted by the students of School of Business. This is where our team comes in, promoting the iPhone covers via a poster, showcasing our students as models.

The event officially stopped at 3.30pm and everyone was involved in packing up. Some were keeping the stocks while others were cleaning up the area. Once that was done, we started putting back the fixtures to the fixture room and the various In-charge carried on with the stock take.

Overall, the event was an enriching experience for the team. The mini roadshow provided a platform for students to develop an entrepreneur mindset and expose students to a practical business process. The bond between our team members also strengthened as we worked together closely to tackle the different challenges that were thrown at us.

Monday, February 27, 2012

EMRS S2R3 2011/2012

22th of February, a day that has left a lasting impression on us. It was the first event that we had organized. Joy, grief, disappointment & excitement were few of the many emotions that ran through us. Let us now take you on a walk down memory lane!

We started on this project about a week before the event day. Faced with such a daunting task, we were not confident of our abilities, as this was the first time we were planning something like this. Small though the roadshow might be, we still put in our very best effort.

On the 3rd day, our supervisor announced that there would be friendly competition between the different teams. That statement alone sparked our competitive spirit and each team began a race to compete against one another. Tension was running high and emotions flew all over the place as we raced against time to meet the deadlines.

The day before the event was best described as frantic. Everyone was rushing to meet the deadlines and do last minute adjustments. What further agitated everyone was the arrival of the stocks that we had previously ordered. Every team received less than they had ordered and some items were not even given to us. Agitated, frustrated and ready to call it quits, we held a meeting to change our action plan. Luckily for us, we had a previously constructed a risk matrix and were ready for this setback. We rated the probability of occurrence as high and had our countermeasures. We readjusted the overall theme to our booth and made several noticeable changes to our posters and flyers. This was an eventful but fruitful day.

Event day had finally arrived and everyone was excited. Everyone arrived in school earlier than usual and there was noticeable excitement and nervousness in the atmosphere. Our first stop was the fixtures room. Gathering there at 9am, some of us got started right away. Obviously, that was a wrong move. Instructions were to gather at 9, but we simply assumed we could get started. Apologizing for our mistake to Ms Choo, we promised not to repeat the error and got started on setting up our booth immediately.

Every team was ready and raring to go at 10.20am. There were several hiccups along the way but everything was proceeding as planned. At 10.30am, the Mini Roadshow officially started. All the teams had their own dress code and different themes for their booths. The theme of our booth was Memory Lane. We mainly sold items that could capture memories, or store memories in one way or another. Business was not very good for the first hour or so. Luckily for us, our team had another plan. We did mobile selling, as we realized that due to the high prices of our products, it was easier to target lecturers with higher spending power rather than students. The plan worked brilliantly, and drew in profits of over $150 by itself.

Throughout the event, we were tested on various aspects of handling a roadshow. One of the factors our team was lacking in was product knowledge. We actually had a customer tell us more about the product and he knew more about the product than we did. Miscommunication was another problem that we faced, information was not properly disseminated and it led to other problems arising.

All in all, the event was executed rather smoothly although there were a few hiccups. Before we knew it, it was 3.30pm and we had to get ready to set down the roadshow. Despite everyone being deadbeat, we all helped out in returning fixtures and removing posters from our booth. People from different teams were helping one another with their fixtures and it was a heart-warming sight to see the cohesiveness of everyone.

Thinking back, the event was definitely fun and it was a pleasure organizing and executing it. This is one event that we will not be forgetting in the near future. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in events management to just give it a go; you might just end up enjoying the experience!

Team 5 EMRS mini Road show

Night Market in the Day,
Shop your Stress Away

This is our team at our very first mini road show in school on the 22nd January 2012. Situated at the NYP Linkway, we were given booth number 2 to sell our items from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. Our stall name is “Night Market in the Day, Shop your Stress Away”, as we sell a variety items ranging from NYP shirts to facial masks, sweets and even Vapur bottles. Also, our team urged students who are busy mugging for exams to shop and relax for a little bit. Our group theme is “Be Happy” and that is why we have foccused on having our stall display in a myriad of colours. We were also dressed colourfully to go along with the theme and we have a smiley tag hanged on our lanyards to spread the positive vibe around school.

We had a week to prepare for the event and all of us were tasked to do different things. While some busily prepare for logistics, some did our A&P. We put in a lot of effort and teamwork was crucial to make this event a success. We also discussed about the items that are feasible for our roadshow and through the discussion, we decided to sell:
1) Vapur bottles
3)S.I.X Accessories
4)Swarovski crystals
5) Mint sweets
6) USB Port
7)NYP Shirts
8) Laptop cases
9) The Face Shop Nail polish, nail polish remover and facial masks
10) Gfeel Iphone 4S cover

Next, we came up with a rough idea on the A&P. We picked ‘carnival’ as it is most suitable.

This is our signages for the event.

Set up started at 9.30am. The boys quickly got the fixtures up to the site and the girls brought the A&P down from the EMRS room.

Pictures of our team busily setting up our booth

Here are pictures of our final set up which was beautifully and colourfully done. An hour later we welcome our first customer who bought a bundle of socks from us. The crowd grew as lunch time drew closer. Response was overwhelming and we had a lot of fun at our very first event together.

We also went mobile-selling around school to promote our booth and generate sales. It was tiring but the sales from mobile-selling surpassed our expectations. Our hot items were the Petit series mint sweets and socks.

The event officially stopped at 3.30 pm and we were very happy with our sales. While the in-charge settled admin, finance and logistic matters, the rest packed up our stocks and fixture. The event was a success and we were satisfied with our progress for that day. We are happy we got to achieve our sales target, worked together well and had good time management.

On the day of result release, we were shocked to know that we got the overall best performing team. Good job to all of us!

Here’s to more events!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Learning Workshop to Yakult Factory

Learning Workshop to Yakult Factory

The learning workshop to Yakult Factory which is located near Senoko was held on Tuesday, 31st January 2012. After reaching the place at around 1.45pm and taking several group photos at the entrance area, we headed to the second floor of the factory to attend the presentation by Mr. Yap, the spokesperson for the factory.

All of us were given a bottle of Yakult to enjoy while listening to the presentation, as well as, some articles relating to Yakult. The presentation which lasted for 2 hours, covered various aspects of Yakult such as the history of Yakult, the benefits of drinking it, the bacteria contained in the drink and several other facts. The two most interesting facts that we learnt were that Singapore is the only country that sell four flavours of Yakult and that the size of Yakult sold in Singapore is the largest as compared to countries such as Indonesia and Japan! Although the presentation was quite long, nevertheless, it was very enriching and enlightening. Mr Yap was also humorous and he managed to make all of us burst out laughing quite a number of times. Before leaving the presentation room and walking us through the whole process of manufacturing Yakult, Mr. Yap ran through a step-by-step diagram of the process to ease our understanding.

After stepping out of the presentation room, our learning journey of the whole process began. Before explaining the different rooms to us, Mr. Yap reminded us that we were not allowed to take any pictures of the machines and the process.

(This diagram of the process was taken from Yakult's website itself)

The first stop was one of the rooms where the tanks were stored. We were told that each tank could make 243,000 bottles of Yakult which could last us 650 years if we were to drink one bottle each day! That is a lot of Yakult isn’t it? We then moved on to the ‘Quality Control Room’. Here, we were given one cup of sour Yakult for a few people to taste. Some of them who tasted said that they preferred the sour Yakult as compared to the normal Yakult that is sold outside. Mr. Yap said that in this room they control the taste of the Yakult. However, this is not done by tasting, but by smelling!

On the first floor, we were brought to the ‘Printing, Filling & Sealing Room’. There was a section whereby the bottles were moulded (at a temperature of above 200 degrees Celsius) and fall to the ground into tunnels. There were fans at the bottom of the tunnels to blow the empty bottles upwards. These bottles then fall into another section where the bottles are arranged neatly. We learnt that the empty bottles are not touched by any of the workers at all hence; it can be guaranteed that the bottles are clean. After the bottles are arranged neatly, they go through the printing machine where the labels are printed and pasted onto the bottles. The bottles then continue their journey to be filled and packed into packs of five. In conclusion, the whole process was very interesting and we were amazed by it, especially the section where the bottles were moulded and blown upwards. We have also learnt that the workers have to be very alert and efficient in adjusting the position of the bottles when they are not standing upright.

After our learning journey of the whole process ended, we were brought back to the entrance area where two staff was stationed at a counter to sell the packs of Yakult to anyone who wanted to purchase. Each pack of Yakult (five bottles) was sold at the price of $2.50, which is cheaper than outside. All in all, the learning workshop was a great experience for all of us!

Below are some of the thoughts and opinions from the students interviewed:

“I have learnt that in Japan, they reuse the Yakult bottles by reproducing them into pencil holders. I find that this is a very innovative idea for them to contribute to the environment.”
Julia, Team 2

“The trip to Yakult factory has been a great experience for all of us. It has taught me the importance of keeping myself healthy.”
Amirah, Team 4

“It was my first time at Yakult Factory and I felt that it was really beneficial. I am now drinking one bottle of Yakult every day!”
Kaylee, Team 4

Done by:
Zafirah Binte Kader Maideen
School of Business Management
Diploma in Accountancy & Finance