Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mini Roadshow 2015: EURASIA by Team 2


Our team was assigned to sell consignment items from Cheers and it was our first event. We started planning for it right away. Initially, we thought of a few ideas but it was not feasible. We finally came up with an idea which was to sell products mainly from Japan, Korea and Europe. This explains our theme: Eurasia. The event was held on 10 March 2015 from 10.30pm to 3.30pm outside shopping arcade. We had to work towards a sales target of $250. It was a challenge to us as our event was held during the school holidays and the crowd was not as expected. 


Our target audience was the students and lecturers. Our team was divided into 3 groups- A&P, Logistics and Finance. A&P team was in charged of the decorations and poster. Logistics team was in charged of doing the layout, stocks and the logistics needed. Finance team was in charge of handling the money. As they did not have anything to do beforehand, the remaining man power were to help out in A&P.
A&P team started doing up the banner and decorations to be placed on the table and also decos on the mobile selling basket. They did up some fun facts related to Japan, Korea and Europe. The fun facts were given to those who purchased products from us. The logistics team started preparing the layout of the venue and also choosing the items that we would sell.


Fun facts

3 days left to Day 0! The logistics team went down to Cheers to collect the stocks and we packed them and make sure that the items were of good condition and ensure that all items were accounted for.

One day before the event, we prepared all the items to be brought down during the event and the OIC, Jordan, did a last briefing.

Event Day

It was finally showtime! Team 2 gathered at 9am and everyone was dispatched to their own roles. We were all very excited to get everything ready! Some of the boys went down to the fixtures room to get tables, fans and poster stands for the booth. The girls recounted the stocks one last time and some boys brought down the stocks to the booth.

After everything was brought down to the venue, we started setting up the booth.

Mobile sellers moved off to their respective venues to start selling!


In conclusion, the event was a success and it was a great experience despite facing some problems along the way. All in all, we managed to earn a sales proceed of $330! Through this event, we learnt that teamwork and communicating skills are very important in making the event a success.