Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mini Roadshow Cheers - Team 3

Team 3 Mini Roadshow – Cheers

Pre-Event Preparations
Our team was given a chance to work with Cheers under a consignment basis where we would sell their goods during our mini roadshow.  We brainstormed and thought of different themes before deciding on the theme “Food To Go”!  The idea basically is like a pit-stop that you would see in the Formula 1 Night Race in Singapore.


Finalizing the stock list                                                                                      Our stocks!

Our team also did up advertisement and promotional materials that were used before and during the event day itself to bring about a buzz to our event.

During the Event
We started off gathering our fixtures at 9.00AM and bringing down our stocks as well during this period of time to ensure that we completed our set-up on time.
At 10.30AM, we started our sales and we split the team into a booth and mobile selling units.

Booth Visual Merchandising

Explaining and showcasing our "Lucky Draw" system

Booth traffic flow and sales

Mobile selling

Taking orders and delivery system

Post-Event Wrap Up
At 3.30PM, we returned the fixtures, brought the stocks back to double check to ensure there is no discrepancy between the cash and the leftover stock.

In conclusion, the event itself went smoothly on the actual day and all the stocks were accounted for after the event as well.
The few challenges we faced were to keep track of our moving inventory, estimating our starting inventory and creating a bigger buzz before and during the event.  With these challenges that reared its ugly head during the event, we became more aware of what we should do before the event and become more effective in managing our stock as well as cash in future events.