Saturday, April 30, 2016

EMRS: Team Bonding Session 26th April 2016


Given our second challenge in EMRS and with little time to prepare, we had to plan a team bonding activity for the WHOLE EMRS team. We were initially given 1 week to plan the activity. However, due to a change in plan, the team bonding activity was shifted forward. This means that we have to race against time, to plan suitable activities! At that point, we felt like time was our enemy... To make things worse, we are a newbies in planning events as this was the first time we had to plan such an activity. How we wish that time can travel slower. . .

On 26 April 2016, the DBI Students conducted a team bonding activity from 2PM to 5PM. The objective of the team bonding activity is to ensure that the students can foster ties with one another and enjoy the games as a whole EMRS team. The team bonding games includes Time Bomb, Brain Power, World War 3 (Improvised version of murderer) and Scissors, Paper, Stone.

Planning Phase:

With very little time to plan (panic!!!), the DBI students had to plan a team bonding session for the entire EMRS team. We started discussing and brainstorming ideas. We had to ensure that the games we proposed were fun, interactive and engaging for everyone.

Initially, we planned to do outdoor games such as Captain’s Ball but the main objective of this team bonding session is to get to know each other better. Hence we had to come out with other games that can help break the ice.

Team Bonding Day:

The day have finally arrived! Everyone was so excited for the team bonding activity. Let us all begin!
The timeline for the team bonding that we have planned is as followed:
2:15pm – 2:30pm: Briefing of the Games
2:30pm – 2:45pm:  Time Bomb
2:45pm – 3:30pm: Brain Power
3:30pm – 4:15pm: Break
4:15pm – 4:30pm: World War 3 (Improvised Murderer)
4:30pm – 5:00pm: Scissors, paper, and Stone

Time Bomb

We started the ball rolling with our first activity “Time Bomb”, which was held in the EMRS class. It was a good ice breaker activity to start with, as it encourages the participants to ask random questions and also remembering their names.

Brain Power

The next activity was “Brain Power”, which was held in the EMRS class. Since the participants knows each other’s name during the first activity (Time Bomb), they were put to test to see whether they remember each other’s name in Brain Power. Everyone’s’ brain hurts after the game ended!

World War 3 (Improvised version of Murderer)

The third activity was “World War 3” which was also held in the EMRS class. Since Murderer is a popular and engaging game, we decided to choose this game and improvised it to make the game much more fun and interesting. Everyone had so much joy playing this game to the fact that they requested playing this game longer!

Improvised Scissors, Paper, and Stone

The last activity was “Scissors, Paper, and Stone” which is supposed to be held at the open area near SBM club. The props have been prepared beforehand, however, due to time constraint, we decided not to play this activity.

Prize rewards that we have prepared for the 3 teams!


Finally, the day came to an end and Team 2 emerged as the Champion! They were rewarded with prizes. Furthermore, the other two teams were rewarded consolation prize too and everyone was happy! Being able to see the smiles of their face in the end, makes everything worth it!

In conclusion, this team building session was successful and enjoyable as it helped us to know one another better and also foster our ties. Thankfully, the event was quite successful given the fact that we had very little time to plan. We are proud to be able to organize a team building activity as we didn’t know we could actually do it!

However, the event could have been better whereby we could have spent more time in terms of planning the event, so that we can organize a better event for everyone.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SBM Specialist Diploma Graduation 2016 - Team 2 & DBI Students

Specialist Diploma Graduation 2016 – Team 2 & DBI students

First day in EMRS and we were given our first challenge… SPECIALIST DIPLOMA GRADUATION.
We were still trying to settle down in a new environment but we had to crack our brains on the very first day!

Firstly, we had to settle our roles, such as the overall in charge (OIC), registration, ushers, logistics and one student helper for the handing out of certificates. Yaminah (Yams for short) volunteered to be the OIC for the team, Michael and Jerry were appointed to be the logistics in charge, Bing Kang to assist Mr Steven during the event, Jia Yan as the student helper, and the rest to be registration and ushers.

However, as the SBM students had to attend a workshop, there were slight changes in the roles where Dionis became the student helper instead, as the student helper needs to attend all rehearsals.

As you can see from the pictures below, we attended the briefings and rehearsals to prepare ourselves for the day!


The full dress rehearsal before the actual graduation, so exciting! We had to set up the props needed for the graduation.

Event Day
On the actual event, 22nd April 2016, logistics crew had to report at 11:30am to set up the venue, and student helpers who are assisting Mr Adrian and Mr Steven had to report at 1:00pm. As for the rest of the student helpers, they had to report at 2pm at LTD-2 and be prepared for the Graduation Ceremony to commence.
 Getting ready at the registration table.

A graduate at registration.

Such a beautiful ribbon done by Origami Master, Bing Kang!

Does our registration area look lovely? :D

 Half way through the registration, it started pouring heavily! With quick thinking, we placed two clothes rack and a basket right outside the theatre so that graduates and guests can place their wet umbrellas.
The director is giving a speech to the graduates.
Our supervisor, Ms Choo is one of the graduates receiving the certificate. Congratulation Ms Choo!

Post Event
After the event has ended, the logistics team quickly return to fixtures back to the fixtures room, like ninjas, while the others went to FOYER@B to have refreshments but due to overwhelming number of guests, we helped to usher them to the refreshments area.

In conclusion, the SD Graduation went perfectly smooth and we were glad to share the joy with the graduates. The event was a success, as the supervisors and graduates had a great time. Additionally, we have received feedback that we did a great job. We were proud to be a part of this event!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Team 2: Not Sugar Coatin It, Mini Roadshow

Date: 4th April 2016, Monday
Venue: Opposite Old Shopping Arcade
Time: 10.00am to 3.30pm

About the event

Our team’s mini roadshow “Not Sugar Coatin’ It”, was done in collaboration with NYP Cheers in respect of World Health Day to promote diabetes. Our roadshow is called “Not Sugar Coatin It” because we wanted a short and catchy name. The theme for World Health Day this year is “Halt the raise, beat diabetes!” and we hope to create awareness among teachers and students of NYP about this cause through our roadshow.

The vendors we considered during the pre-event planning included Cheers and D’Studio. We decided to vendor from Cheers in the end because we believed that food and beverages will receive more popularity from students and staff compared to sports apparels.


We wanted to create awareness regarding World Health Day and diabetes, with respect to the rapid rise in the number of young people contracting diabetes in the recent years. Our sales target is to sell half the amount of products we consigned from Cheers, which is $440.



Team 2 was split up into smaller groups. These groups included finance, logistic, inventory, and advertising and promotion (A&P). Despite being split up into groups, we were all happy to help one another whenever help is needed.

To promote our roadshow, we made use of banners, cubes, signboards, posters, and an article stand.

We created a “candy monster” mascot which was pink because we wanted our mascot to have a healthy image and pink represents good health. This candy monster was used aggressively in our posters, cubes, signboards, and banners.

In our attempt to encourage students and teachers to cultivate healthy living to avoid contracting diabetes, we wrote, “Quit smoking”, “Checkup regularly”, “Eat healthy”, and “Exercise regularly” on each side of our cube.

                                                                          Price Tags                                Chalkboard

We highlighted special promotions on a chalkboard. We also designed pink, heart-shaped price tags to match our roadshow’s theme. Then, we used cardboard rolls to elevate the price tags so that they will be eye catching.

                                    Article Stand
We designed an article stand to inform readers about diabetes and the increasing trend in the number of young people suffering from it in the recent years. We quoted content from real newspaper articles from Channel NewsAsia and The Straits Times.

Lastly, we also had 2 banners to encourage students and teachers to eat and stay healthy.

On the other hand, regarding paper works, we got our logistics team to list down items we needed for our event. However, we used additional items during the roadshow to doll up our booth even further. As for manpower allocation, we designated 4 pairs of mobile sellers and 5 booth helpers.

Next, with regard to ice supply, we coordinated with external vendor, JM Ice Company, for a 18kg pack of ice to chill our drinks. However, JM Ice Company could not cater to provide us ice at our requested time, which is at the start of our roadshow. Hence, we had come up with alternatives to chill the beverages in the midst of waiting for our ice supply. 

Event Day

We started to set up our booth at 9am. However, contrary to the team’s expectation, the booth looked bare. We further dolled up our booth by laying a tablecloth over a high table in which we used to put our article stand. We also used acrylic stands to elevate certain products that are labeled to be of healthier choice so that they will be easily seen.

During the roadshow, we promoted actively by communicating about World Health Day and diabetes with our customers and everyone who walked past our booth. Our products sold off so quickly that mobile sellers ran out of stocks on hand to satisfy orders. Thus, our mobile sellers started a pre-ordering and delivery system which turned out to be more efficient.

We wrapped up our roadshow at 3.30pm after a day of hard work. We took down our booth and returned the logistics to the fixtures room and brought inventory back to the EMRS room.

After the entire event, we did a profit and loss statement to calculate the total profit of our event using the sales records from the team. However, we had a discrepancy of $128 as we did not return our consignments goods to Cheers on the day the roadshow ended, but only the day after. There were items which were on promotion on the day of our roadshow, which were no longer on promotion the next day.

We faced a challenge in resolving the discrepancy, however our supervisor kindly resolved it for us.

In conclusion, we achieved a sales of $581, which is $141 more than our sales target. We were really happy and we have learnt a lot from the roadshow. It was a great eye opener for us because it was the first time many of us did a roadshow. We felt that we could achieve anything together as a team if we worked together in one heart!

With Love,
EMRS Team 2

Friday, April 15, 2016

Team Building 2 @ Changi Airport 8th April 2016

Team bonding 2 at Changi Airport 8h April 2016 
Pre Event:

Once again, we were given the opportunity to organize another team bonding for the whole EMRS team. We started planning this event a month back on 8st March 2016. The objectives of this event is to foster stronger bonds and adapt to the different environment. Venue was the first thing that we discussed and these are the various venues that we came up with, NYP, Sentosa and Marina Barrage. However, we finally settled for Changi Airport due to unforeseeable weather conditions and a spacious area.

After deciding on the venue, we decided to go for a site visit as a team. We walked around the whole of Changi Airport, trying to visualise what kinds of activities would be suitable. We also took the time to observe the security there.
After that site visit, we felt that Changi Airport would be a suitable choice as there are more pros than cons in choosing Changi Airport as compared to the other venue. Furthermore, we also asked for everyone’s opinions with regards to the location. In preparation of the event, we planned the games that we will have and we even created all the props needed for the games. We also tested out our games to ensure that our games are safe and enjoyable. In addition, we did a risk assessment of our activities to analyse how safe they were.
A few days before the event, we briefed the EMRS team on the recommended attire, safety, appropriate behaviour and things they should not do at the Airport.

During The Event
These are the Teams:


We started out the event by briefing them about the ice breaking games, followed by the teams trying out the games themselves.  
The ice breaking games that we played was “The Category Game”, “Chucky Chucky Pew Pew” and “Bob The Weasel”.

 Even Mr Sudesh got a chance to be “Bob” !
After lunch, we began the briefing on the Amazing Race. We explained to them the rules and instructions of the games. In the midst of the Amazing Race, we incorporate treasure hunting as well. Teams will have to look for the hidden numbers around each game station.
The games that we played are:
1)    Blind Drawing
2)    EMRS Warrior
3)    Snap me if you can
4)    Tic-Tac-Throw
5)    Peace Hug Love
6)    Crystal ball
7)    David Connect Field
The teams would receive mathematical symbol if they complete the mission of the games.

In order to be the winner of this Amazing Race, the groups will have to make use of the numbers found during treasure hunting and mathematical symbol they won. They have to come out with a equation that would equates to the highest number. Hence, the group with the highest number would be the winner!!

The forfeit for each losing team is :
·         Saying pickup line to one of the EMRS supervisors
·         Writing ‘EMRS’ with your butt
·         Act like a money for 10s

·         Take selfie of 5 different expression

We even reward everyone with MacDonald Vanilla Cone!!

Our lovely supervisors!

All in all, it was a wonderful event that brought everyone closer together. It was also a beautiful way to commemorate the end of our time in EMRS.