Thursday, April 9, 2015

2nd Mini Roadshow - Tres Chic (Team 3)

Pre-event preparation
Our team were given a second chance to organize another mini roadshow, working with external vendors on consignment basis. We brainstormed for ideas on what we wanted to sell before selecting the theme. As the external vendor we were working with sells products that are mainly fragrances and accessories, we decided to use ‘tres chic’ which means 'very beautiful' as our theme.

Cuting the name cards of our vendor and attaching them to the products.


We liaised with the external vendors to get the goods and negotiated for a better price. Due to the busy schedule of the vendors, arrangements needed to be done for the collection of the products.

Preparing for A/P
Our back drop for the booth                                       Perfume stand made using egg tray.

A rough plan of the visual merchandising. We came up with the idea of making a necklace, and bracelet stand.

On the day of the roadshow
We began our set up at 9.00 am. Goods were recounted to ensure that there was no discrepancy. The finance group obtained the float for the event and splited among the three mobile selling teams and the booth.


At 10.30 am, the sales started. There were three mobile selling teams who covered the various locations around the school such as the canteens, TEP centres, classrooms and staff rooms.

    Our mobile selling team.

Post Event Wrap-Up
After the event, we packed up and return the fixtures back to the fixture room. After which we counted the cash received and also recount the goods to ensure the remaining goods is correct.

In conclusion, the event went smoothly on the actual day. However, there were discrepancy. Even so, the team still work as one to overcome every challenges we face.

The difference between this event and the first mini roadshow was introducing the POS cashiering system to the finance team for them to keep track of transactions made at the booth. With previous experience from the first mini roadshow, we are now more aware of what needs to be done.