Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MAC came to NYP! By EMRS Team 2


What is MAC? If you are thinking about McDonalds or Apple MacBook, then you are wrong! MAC is a manufacturer of cosmetics that was found in 1984 by Frank Toskan(Left) and Frank Angelo(Right).

MAC is a well known cosmetics brand and is sold worldwide. Many may not know that MAC actually means "Makeup Artist Cosmetics". They provide a range of varieties of products for the everyday consumer which includes eye shadows , lipsticks, lip-gloss, foundations, concealer, nail polish, mascara and many more.

As MAC is a well know and popular brand, we are very excited that they are coming to NYP to held this event, specially the ladies in the team! We are also thrill to hear that there will be up to 50% off all products! Girls, prepare your wallet with cash cause... IT'S SHOPPING TIME!! But before that, we need to prepare to set up the events area first!

Preparation - 21st April 2014

One day before the event, our supervisor, Mr Sudesh, brought us down to the atrium where the event will be held to inspect the area. We took note of where all the power sockets are and also estimated where the tables will be placed.

We helped MAC to deposit and sort out the products one day before the event.

The guys are helping out even though they are not familiar with cosmetics! 
Our guys are clueless but they still did it! *Clap Clap*

On the day of the event - 22nd April 2014

On the day of the event, EMRS crew reported at 7:30A.M to set up the area. Some of us even woke up at 5A.M! We moved the logistic from logs room to the atrium. Thank god we have macho guys in our team! 

Setting up the area~ Morning work out guys!

Putting up the products in straight perfect lines. We are professionals ;)

Over 10 different kinds of Eye Shadows to choose from!

One of the best sellers! 

All the make up sets! Best seller at the bottom right *SOLD OUT*

MAC's foundation! (I even got one for myself!)

Now that we are ready.........


Even Lectures came down to support the event!

Testing out the MAC lipsticks

MAC was glad that the responses was overwhelming.  

1 hour before the sales ends! 

Zhen Hao was happy to see all the girls that came to buy the MAC products! *SMILE*


As this was our first event after joining EMRS for a short 1 week, we were unsure about the program flow and we faced some problems. Though throughout the event, it was really hectic and busy but we managed to pull through with the help of each other.

What's the best way to learn other than getting first hand experience? Through this event, we learnt how to deal with vendors and train on our critical thinking skills when a problem arises. Other than that, we learnt that we need proper planning for the event to ensure smooth execution. We also learnt to think out of the box in search for ways to market MAC and control the traffic flow. Through this event we actually learnt the way each member work and what are their strong points.

Overall, we learnt lots and will be more prepared for our next event! Cheers EMRS! Lets work hard together!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Love Bonito by EMRS Team 3

Singapore's online leading retail store, Love Bonito, conducted their sales event at Nanyang Polytechnic Auditorium on the 22nd of April 2014, Tuesday 10am to 4.30pm.

Love Bonito offered great prices for their apparels and shoes. Tops going as low as $10, bottoms and sandals at $12, dresses, one piece suits and shoes at $15. There was also an amazing bundle deal of $20 for those who purchase a top and a bottom. There was a lucky draw session done hourly whereby shoppers stand a chance to win a $10 voucher.


Planning was done by the previous Team 3 and it was handed over to the current Team 3 to execute.

Previous Batch ~
Day before the actual event:

Blowing and tying up the balloons for display.
Yay! The banners and balloons are up !

Team 3 busy helping Love Bonito unpacking and hanging up the apparels!
Phew! The clothes are finally up!
Event day:

Final set up before the start of the sales.

Before sales starts, let us take a group photo~
Let's pray and hope the event will go smoothly!

Bags being neatly arranged by the team!

Crowd awaiting to enter the shopping area.

Let the shopping begin!

Happy customers with their purchases (: 

One of the lucky winners of the $10 Love Bonito Voucher

Fara, our lovely emcee, informing customers about the last sales timing... With her is Alan, the DJ for the day.
And... It's a wrap !

All good things come to an end. We certainly enjoyed the experience and we would like to thank Love Bonito for this opportunity! We hope that shoppers had an enjoyable time there!


You'll never fly, if you're too scared of the heights

You'll never live if you're just too scared to die
Everybody wants heaven, I know
But darling freedom ain't free, it’s a long road
You'll never find your place up there in the sky
If you never say goodbye…

All good things must come to an end and on 9th April, Jia Xin and Jeremy organised a farewell session for EMRS students. The session happened from 9am to 5:30pm in school. We lined up a wide range of special activities and games for this special day!


Name Bingo
Bingo is a game where each person will be given a sheet of bingo paper with 5X5 grid of personal statements. Each person had to go around the group and ask people to sign on the grid that describes them.

Each team has to stand in a circle facing each other. Students then have to hold another student’s hands to form a knot. When the knot is formed, teams will then attempt to untangle themselves as fast as possible to emerge the winner.

Toilet Roll Game
Students  have to form a circle using the roll of toilet paper provided. Each student has to tear off the sheets of toilet paper they would normally use and then pass the roll to another person. For each piece of toilet paper that they pull, they would have to say one fact about themselves.

There are two phases: "Night," when the werewolf may eliminate a player from the game, and "day," which the players have to vote to eliminate a suspect. These phases follow each other continuously until all the werewolves have been eliminated. Some players may be given a role with a special ability. Common examples include: Hunter, Cupid and Witch.




Amazing Race
Thereafter, everyone gathered in the classroom to kick start the amazing race. Each team was allocated a station. Teams will incur  time penalties if they fail to complete the station within the given time. The final pit stop was at SBM sky garden. The first team to reach the pit stop (sky garden) wins the game.


Station 1: Scavenger Hunt
The organizers prepared a list of items and the teams would have to gather all items on the list or perform tasks or take photographs of the items as specified

Station 2: Feeling Puzzled?
Each team was given a crossword puzzle with questions relating to events management. They had to complete the puzzle to move on to the next station.


Station 3: Gargle that Tune
The facilitator approached the one person from the team and told him/her a well-known song that was randomly picked. The player then must gargle that tune for the team to guess.


Station 4: Strangers and Timeline
For this particular station, the teams were given an option to pick a task. For strangers, the team had to approach strangers at the venue to accomplish the given task. For timeline, the teams was presented with six pictures of a celebrity and they must place them all in chronological order from the earliest to the latest.

Station 5: Pictionary
One team member would spin around 10 times. After which he/she would go to the facilitator to get the first word. The player would then run back to the team and attempt to draw that word out. When any of the teammates guessed the word correctly, that player would then run up to the facilitator again to get a new word.


Station 6: Turn Over a New Leaf
All players begin had to stand on one side of blanket. The players must attempt to flip blanket up-side-down without any players touching the floor.


Prize Presentation & Sharing Session
Prizes were given out based on the placement upon completion of the game. We bought prizes for all the teams.There was also a sharing session after the event. Students shared their opinions of EMRS and the improvements that can be made.



EMRS 2014 Semester 1 Team 2 & 3



In conclusion, we had a fun and exciting day embracing and appreciating the presence of each other.

We have gotten to know each other for this entire semester and now we will go our separate ways. Some will remember and some will forget each other, but we will always have a part of each other inside us.