Monday, April 6, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew Tribute 2015 (Team 4)

Event Day
Team 4 was in charge of this event where a booth will be set up in the atrium for the school staffs and students, and also members of the public to come forward to write their tributes for our late founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.
Waking up to this news, the whole of Singapore was grief-stricken. After reaching school on the day, we were given instructions to set up the booth immediately after the news of the passing of our founding father circulated. This event kept the whole team busy for the whole week.
Over the course of the event, we did face some problems. Firstly, as this was an event where we didn't prepare before hand, there were several miss communication and hiccups during set up. For example we had to change the chairs 3 time and finally found the right chair from L'rez, next we even need to make extra books as we ran out of silver books from the Singapore Casket. On one of the day, there was a miscommunication between our team members, which caused some of us to be late for our shifts. 




Event Day 5 (27 March 2015)

We spent our afternoon trying to find a suitable box to fit all the books. We racked our brains in the morning and even called many different stationary stores trying to find the right box sizes. Finally, the "Popular bookstore" customer service attendant told us to head down to the Singapore Post office where we will be able to find different sizes and different kinds of boxes. Some of us immediately went to Ang Mo Kio post office and we were able to find the right box. We then returned to school and was told by Ms. Yong that we needed to decorate the box in black paper. With the help of Ms. Choo, we were able to design the box below which was able to fit all the books perfectly.

The event lasted from 23 March to 27 March 2015. Through this event, we all learned the importance of having team work in order to proceed smoothly. We also learnt how to set up an event booth immediately after the instructions have been given, and also learnt to solve on-hand problems. In all, we learnt more than what is expected of us. 

Team 4