Thursday, December 20, 2012

ERMS Christmas Farewell Party!!

On the 19th of December, Team 3’s Aqilah and I organised a Christmas-cum-Farewell party for EMRS Sem 2 round 2 students. We spent approximately 1.5 hours setting up the decorations around the area where we were holding the party.

Among the decorations we made, was a portable backdrop that we used to take pictures. We also made some props to make the photo-taking session more fun.
Simple decorations to brighten up the area!

Yummy food!!!
Wanna guess what we had?????

Domino's Pizza!
Jealous already? Wait till you see what we had for dessert.

Log Cake!!!
We had a log cake to have a more Christmas-sy feeling.

The presents that we had bought for one another, placed under our virtual Christmas tree.

After food, we continued on to the games. YAY!
The theme for that day was either red or green item/clothing.
As some of the participants did not follow the theme, they had to do a forfeit!

Forfeit: Drinking Freshly Squeezed SOUR Lemon juice

Their faces after drinking the juice:

"Bring it!"

After the forfeit, we were gathered in a circle to play more fun games.

Forfeit for losing the game was once again, LEMON JUICE.

After the games, we went on with the “Lucky Draw”. We had given out the numbers to the team members and we asked the teachers to draw a number from the box. There were four special lucky draw “prizes”.
Four “lucky” students walked away with Maggie Mee, a poncho, a packet of cotton pad and a pack of banana milk.
 Upon opening the gifts, the shocked expressions were epic to watch. And we all had a good laugh.

Finally, it was time to reveal the Secret Santa! 
Everyone was  tasked to purchase a gift that is suitable for the person they had randomly picked for $5 or less. The challenge was the budget as well as the fact that no food gifts were allowed.

To make the process more interesting, the buyer had to describe the person he/she had bought the gift for and the others were to guess who this person was.

Participants describing their gift-receivers.

Exchanging gifts

At the end of the party, we had some time at the photo booth with the props.
Some fun pics!!!

Last but not least, group photos of the EMRS team with the supervisors!


Overall, we had a fun time and finally got a chance to relax after the tiring events that we had been through during ChildAid 2012. Thanks to the gift exchange, we were able to better know one another. The mini get together session gave us a chance to relax and bond over some delicious food and fun games!

Thanks to the supervisors, we were able to enjoy the little awesome party we had! 

Done by: Melisa Lim

Child Aid 2012

Child Aid 2012

EMRS teams 2 and 3 were involved in a large scale annual charity concert known as ChildAid. The theme for ChildAid this year is “The Electric Edition”. The concert, which is already in its eighth year running, is organised by The Straits Times & The Business Times. It showcases Singapore’s young performing talents to raise funds for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.

Shi Jia and Jia Yi of Team 3 were the Overall I/Cs for this event. Their responsibility includes allocating chaperones to performing groups, tabulating and monitoring working hours, conducting briefings for chaperones, and many more. EMRS has to work together with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Orangedot Productions for this event.

Pre-event preparation (beginning 17 November 2012)

Most DBM students were paired to be chaperones with DBI students, who only joined EMRS from 26 November 2012 onwards. The various duties we were assigned to were Front of House (ushers) and Back of House (chaperones). Rehearsals for ChildAid were held at SPH Media Centre located at Genting Lane. Our duties as a chaperone include gathering our performing group at Aljunied MRT before pooling a cab to the rehearsal venue and reimburse cab fares from Freddy of Orangedot Productions. On various occasions, Freddy will charter buses from Aljunied MRT to SPH Media Centre depending on the size of the group. Some of us also went to Pavane recording studio with the vocalists for recording sessions.

One of our responsibilities during rehearsals was to ensure punctuality amongst our assigned group and to be aware of any food allergies which our performers may have.
From 5 December onwards, the whole production crew went to the theatre at Marina Bay Sands.

The vocalists at Pavane recording studio!

Event days (7-8 December 2012, 7.30pm to 10.00pm)

Grand Theater @ MBS
Guest of honour for the first night: President Tony Tan
Guest of honour for the second night GOH: Mr Lawrence Wong

During the event days, our roles as chaperones were also to ensure punctuality amongst our groups and to gather our respective performers at a meeting location before they proceed to the backstage at the Grand Theatre @ MBS. We had to ensure performers safety and also lead them for their hair and makeup. We also had a chance to accompany our performers to the backstage for standby before they head for their live performance on stage. These were the tasks of the chaperones. Hence we were able to experience how an event production took place and the series of events that take place backstage.

For the ushers, they basically had to lead guests and audience to their assigned seats.
The roles for the Logistics team was to place templates, brochures, light sticks at the seats.

Chaperones in action during rehearsals at SPH media centre and Marina Bay Sands theatre.

Performers rehearsing at SPH media centre and at Marina Bay Sands Theatre


Overall, the ChildAid charity concert was a successful event. We managed to gain experience from a large scale event. It gave us knowledge about the processes behind a concert and It has also fostered friendship and bond between us and the performers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Back2School Insider

This time round, EMRS Team 2 was assigned to organize and manage the “Back to School” event – Campus Spree. 
This event's main purpose is to welcome back all the students of NYP after the school holidays The event was held from 14 November - 16 November. 
The event include various vendors from different companies such as Starhub, Zalora, Knock Ice, Kayess, etc which had attracted many shoppers in and out of campus to come over and have a look.

The pictures below were taken during the process of setting up booths and decorations for Back To School.  Half of team 2 was assigned to put up the decorations which included hanging mobiles as well as stickers on the pillars while the other half was in charge of setting up the booths for various vendors. All the decorations were delicately made by hand to stick with the budget given. 

The decorations for the pillars were covered in plastic in order to retain the quality of the stickers and also to prevent the decorations from getting wet during rainy days.

The main banner for the whole event was put up in front of Shopping Arcade and decorated nicely in order to attract attention of the passerby to the event. 

Tables and cloths were brought out of EMRS's fixture room to be set up every day before the event happened.

These are the hanging mobiles that EMRS Team 2 had made. They were all printed out and coloured by the members of the team. 

Names of the vendors were also printed out as signboards to indicate their location.

During the events, the main focus of the shoppers was towards accessories for hand phones, foods as well as make-ups and clothes. 

Our best-selling products throughout the whole event were knock-ice. This “magical” ice-blended drink drew majority of the attentions of the events.

A booth for Zalora was set up and free vouchers were distributed during the event for the first 200 customers. 

A big thank you to Team 3,who helped distribute flyers to people around the school. They had also assisted a lot during the events (including taking care of the booths during lunch time, set up and down the fixtures everyday during the events, etc.)

Overall, Back To School was a successful event. We managed to exceed our sale target twice as much as we expected. Though there were still problems occurred during the shows but they were all solved almost immediately. EMRS's team members from this event also learnt how to manage the events and be more flexible and active whenever there is a problem occurs. An event never runs smoothly without any problems, but there is always a solution to them so that we can solve it as soon as possible.