Monday, April 6, 2015

EMRS Fixtures Room Asset Verification (Team 4)


The aim of this asset verification exercise is to verify the assets in the fixtures room, check for faulty or missing fixtures and categorizing/rearranging the fixtures.

Prior the asset verification exercise, the fixtures room was in a mess. Navigation in the room was tough as the available walking space is limited and the fixtures were placed all over the fixtures room. It took us quite some time to find some of the items that we needed before this verification event.

After some suggestions by supervisors, we decided that we will re-categorize the fixtures by usage and placing those items that are more frequently used closer to the exit of the room. These items include poster stands, tables, etc. Besides that, we planned to move the admin documents to the back of the room as they are not frequently checked or used.

We also came up with booking templates, instructions, floor plans, etc. to facilitate reservation of equipment.

Event Day

The following are some pictures of the actual day that we rearranged and moved the fixtures.

The following are some pictures of the team sticking on the labels after rearranging the fixtures.


After this verification exercise, the EMRS team felt that it was much more easier to navigate in the fixtures room as the walking space is wider and there is ample space for manoeuvring of trolleys and fixtures.