Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Smart Store of the Future Challenge 2016 Boot Camp

Date: 5th September 2016 - 6th September 2016

Venue: MakerSpace @NYP

Time: 9.00am-5:30pm

The Smart Store of the Future Challenge 2016 is sponsored by Fairprice, for NYP students to come up with designs of the future grocery stores. This is the first event done by both Team 2 and 3 after entering EMRS. Everyone had to wake up early and report to MakerSpace by 8.30am.

OIC: Ashley, Nigel, Thivyan, Zaafarani and Yi Si
Group Leaders:
  • Jiahe & Syafiqah (Team1-5)
  • Hazirah & Jue Ying (Team 6-10)
  • Vanessa & Nicholas (Team 11-15)
  • Fai & Chen Feng (Team 16-20)
  • Angela & Wei Lun (Team 21-25)
  • Lini & Pearlyn (Team 26-29)
  • Isaac & Yu Xuan (Team 30-33)
  • Sherrie & Wen Peng (Team 34-37)
F&B IC: Adilah & Bryan
Cuer: Shi Min
Emcee: Claudia & Zaafarani
IT IC: Jessica
Usher/Emergency: Chi Han, Thivyan, Jia Wei & Nigel

The set-up was done on the 4th September 2016 at MakerSpace. Team 3 was split into 2 groups, 1 went down to fixtures room and the other to the MakerSpace. The tables, chairs and equipment were shifted to aside and we went to get more poster stands to place them at Koufu, Atrium, South Canteen and the carpark near MakerSpace. Photos were taken before movement of furniture, for us to shift it back into the original position. 

The event
Day 1- 5th September 2016

Both team 2 and 3 reported at 8:15am at the MakerSpace@NYP to prepare for the boot camp. Everyone got to their respective positions and await for the participants to arrive. 

8:44am- Inside the MakerSpace

Registration Area
Everyone positioned at the respective positions awaiting for the participants to arrive.
The registration area consisted of Yi Huai, Jolynn, Adilah, Shi Min, Yi Si, Bryan and Jarin.

Participants started to arrive and were brought to their respective teams by the ushers.
Ushers: Chi Han, Thivyan and Jia Wei.

                Participants were given a tag as form of identification.

The emcees and the IT IC were positioned at the sound system area to ensure that the audio work fine. 
Emcees: Zaafarani and Claudia
IT IC: Jessica

9.30am- Welcome address by Miss Esther Ho


9.40am- Mr Sudesh giving his speech. Afterwards, the mic was covered with his sweat. (Refer to the mic photo on the left). 

10.00am- Introduction to facilitators & Ice breaker games. All teams are to introduce themselves to each other in a big circle. 

 Teams designed their team logo, slogan and coming up with their team name. Despite being from different schools, it was nice to see participants actively engaged  to come up with ideas for their team. 


Preparing food for the morning tea break.
The food vendor came late and tea break was delayed but we still managed to keep within the programme schedule.

Everyone queuing up on both sides of the table to get food. Bee hoon, siew mai, sandwiches and dessert were provided.

11.15pm- Sharing Session by FairPrice Senior Director Lum Hon Fye. He shared on the current technologies used in grocery stores in other countries. For example, in South Korea consumers can purchase groceries via a screen at the subway.

1.00pm: Lunch at level 3 Sky Garden

2.00pm -The speaker Miss Loh Chuu Yi the director of SBM. 
Followed by Mr Gary Lim and Mr Ujjwal Kumar from Microsoft.

After tea break, participants continued brainstorming their ideas until 5.00pm.

We were dismissed at 5:10pm after a de-brief by Mr Sudesh and Miss Quek. We were expected to be released at 5:30pm sharp, so, it was a pleasant surprise. 

Day 2- 6th September
We reported at 8:30am to prepare for the event.

9.30am- Sharing Session by Mr Tham Weng Seng from MakerSpace@NYP

10.15am- Morning tea break

Jolynn and Bryan gave out nuggets to everyone to ensure that there is enough to go around.

Hazirah, Adliah and Fai were filling up cups and giving out drinks to all. 
Same as day 1, participants queued on both sides of the table to get food. There were nuggets, bee hoon, sandwiches and fruit punch drink.
Everyone either sat at the benches to consume their food or stood by the stairs to eat. Vegetarian food was ordered and packed separately for 1 of the participants.

10.45am- Morning brainstorming and discussion.

Students made badges during the brainstorming session.

Lunch Set-up

Day 2's lunch was the best, the chicken, sweet and sour fish and the swiss roll cakes were delicious. Some people went for third helpings. Many participants agreed that the lunch was good. 

Brainstorming and badge making continued after lunch. Teams started to make their ideas tangible and started on their report. Some of the teams went out of MakerSpace@NYP to create their videos.

[4.00pm- Similar to Day 1, tea break consisted of  6 buns in a pack  These mini buns were given out by the group leaders to participants at the MakerSpace@NYP, and are to be consumed outside.]

Wrap up
Participants were let off at 4:45pm and both teams started to clear up and arrange the furniture back to its original position. We had a de-brief by Miss Quek and Mr Sudesh. By 5:30pm we left MakerSpace@NYP.

Through this event, it dawned upon us that Murphy's law is true and everyone's role is equally important. Overall, team 2 and 3 were able to display teamwork for our first event. We managed to work together despite only knowing each other for a few days. We learnt that we have to keep calm and stay positive when there were unexpected problems. In conclusion, both teams handled the event with consistent enthusiasm, thus, leading to a successful event.