Thursday, April 2, 2015

SHS Student Conference 2015

SHS Student Conference 2015 by EMRS Team 2

The SHS Student Conference 2015 was held on 18 March 2015 from 10am to 2.30pm at LTK foyer. As we had a mini roadshow on 10 March, we were only left with 8 days to plan for the event. We had to liase with SHS side on many things such as the layout, number of poster stands, signage, registration list etc. We encountered several problems along the way and also during the event day itself, however, together with our supervisor, Mr Sudesh, we managed to overcome it and make the event a successful one!


The event had a blog and we were task to update the blog before the event.
This is the poster and programme flow for this year:

Here's a screenshot of the blog:

During the pre-planning of the event, we did up the signage, banner and decorations for the event as well.



Guest registration sign

Stickers for guests

Voting booth for Most Popular Poster Award

Time keeper board

Decorations done by Kaiwen

Event day

On the event day, Team 2 gathered at 7.30am to set up the poster stands, put up the decorations, set up registration counters and also the innovation booths. We were determined to make the event a success! 

Inside LTK-2

Setting up of poster stands

Innovation booths

By 9am, we managed to get all the things ready and at 9,30am, students and guests started strolling in. 

Oral presentation 

Registration counters ready

Student registration

Guest registration

Guests and students filling up the LT

Time keepers getting ready 

By 11.30am, the caterer finished setting up and is ready for lunch.

After the registration is over, the voting booth was put up and students could vote for their favourite posters during lunch time.

Buffet spread

Popular posters:

Innovation Booth:


We were divided into groups to take down the logistics and put them back to the respective places. Within 1 hour, the venue was finally cleared!

Mr Sudesh our supervisor

EMRS Team 2

In conclusion, it was a great experience planning and executing the event. Although there were some problems along the way, we managed to overcome it and make the event a successful one! On behalf of Team 2, we would like to thank our supervisor, Mr Sudesh, and also Dr Bala, Ms May Yeok and other SHS staff for giving us the opportunity to organise the event. We would also like to thank them for their support and guidance. Without them, the event will not be a successful one.