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Internal Event - Mini Roadshow

The highlight of Week 2 was the mini-roadshow that we organized during the 24th of February, which was last Thursday. Each of the teams were assigned to different suppliers to help promote and sell their products during the full-day event. For example,

Team 1 was tasked to sell I.T. products from our school’s mini-challenger outlet

Team 2 & Team 3 were in charge of selling refreshments from campus cheers outlet.

Team 2 Bar Concept

Team 4 & Team 5 had the opportunity to sell a wide variety of appealing products from MSC Studio.

Team 3 Stress-Buster theme!

Team 4 Feminine Fab theme which dealt mainly with female products

The awesome members of Team 5 posing for a photo which their booth themed “Back To Life”

We are pleased to inform you dear readers that we were a hit among the students in school and we received a warm reception from our customers!

For those of you who supported us during the mini-roadshow, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we do appreciate your support throughout the event (:

Here are some pictures of the awesome roadshow!

Team 1 alien signages!

Booth 4 poster

Heart shaped bookmarks done by Team 2

Manning the ‘Bar’

Hanging of banner

Promoting products to potential customers


Mobile salesman, Ms. Fashionista & Mr. Muscles were all present at the roadshow!

Team Building - 1011S2R3

*Do click on the articles for a better view. (:

EMRS S2R3 Introduction of Teams

~Team 1~

"The Hyper-active team"

~Team 2~

"Always cheerful and sunny"

~Team 3~

"The calm and steady ones"

~Team 4~

"The Fun & Awesome ones"

~Team 5~

"The Amazing FIVE"

It's been the 3rd week of EMRS now and everyone seems to be getting to know each another better. The team-bonding session as well as the most recent mini roadshow has been a great help to promote teamwork and cooperation. We believed that all the groups have had a better understanding on working with each other as well as learn to plan activities and events together. Our amazing supervisors were also always there to support us at all times. (:

Roadshow/Fair - Blogshop Parade, EMRS Moulds Students into Global Entrepreneurs of The Future

Today the spotght is cast upon the Events Management Road Show stopover as many notable blogshop owners attributed their success to it. They explain that EMRS helped them tremendously in becoming the successful entrepreneur that they are today. Some of the reasons given are stated below.

First and foremost, EMRS educated many, provided them an excellent platform to learn anything and everything entrepreneurially-related. An example whereby EMRS provided education for students to learn more about how to become an entrepreneur would be the seminar which was organised alongside the “Blogshop Parade” event. This was extremely well thought out as students attending the Blogshop Parade event might see how much fun and independence being an entrepreneur can provide them. The seminar featured experienced blogshop owners who give talks to share valuable information and insights on the setting up and day-to-day running of a blogshop. This prepares them for what is to happen and ensure that they do not go in blind and ignorant. Moreover, being a blogshop entrepreneur is extremely popular among numerous teenagers. Thus, these students who are interested can immediately sign up for the seminar to educate themselves more adequately. The seminar was also priced affordably in order to capture a wider market.

When interviewed, student Benjamin Yeo admitted”at first I was unsure if the seminar would even have an ounce of usefulness. However, the moment the speakers started speaking I couldn’t stop taking notes as the information they gave were so invaluable that it was like diamonds were falling out of their mouths. I am glad I attended the seminar!” Another student Ronnie Tan who has a blogshop of his own was sceptical about how the seminar could enable him to become a better blogshop entrepreneur. When interviewed after the seminar he had nothing but praise for the speakers “ the speakers were really generous with their information and shared a lot of what I would consider to be trade secrets freely. Moreover, the participants also asked many questions which broaden my horizons. Now I understand how I can become a better blogshop entrepreneur”.

Secondly, EMRS inspired many to become entrepreneurs. Recounted Stephanie the owner of notable blogshop My Black Tulip: “All the supervisors at EMRS really helped us whenever they can. However, the supervisor who inspired me the most would be Mr Chong who gave me an extremely helpful quote “anything can happen”. This convinced me that I should always have a backup plan no matter how confident I am. That is why I always bring extra A&P materials in case I meet with an emergency. Through this I am prepared for anything that may come my way.

Thirdly, EMRS provided potential entrepreneurs with opportunity. This does not only encompass EMRS students but even students from other schools. An excellent example would be year 3 student Lay Khean who is from the School of Chemical& Life Sciences (SCL) pursuing a diploma in food sciences. She explained that for her final year project (FYP) she made a special egg-less kaya and begun to sell it on her own blogshop. When her lecturer Ms Tan Chiew Nai learnt of this she engaged Lay Khean to work together with SBM which was how she came to open a booth at the Blogshop Parade selling her home-made kaya. When interviewed the shy and demure lady commented”EMRS has given me the opportunity to get the feel of being an actual entrepreneur. It also taught me how to market products effectively and most importantly acquire vital human skills for better interaction with customers”. Lay Khean also added that she personally felt that other schools could work together with EMRS to advocate entrepreneurship as this event gave her the chance to build awareness about her product and attain a strong customer base. Another student Stephanie who owns her own blogshop agrees that participating in the blogshop parade helped increase awareness and help improve her list of contacts for her mailing list. She also got the chance to interact with customers and suppliers on a whole new level. In summation, potential entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to learn how to run a business while studying instead of giving up one for the other.

Fourthly, EMRS imparted numerous important skills vital to survive in the business world. Some of the skills which EMRS imparted in students include visual merchandising, leadership, organisational, critical thinking and human relation. More importantly, skills vital to have when starting up a blogshop were identified during the blogshop seminar. These include identifying market trends through research. Some mediums of research identified by the speakers at the seminar include surveying of the target market by scouring forums, review webs and the likes. This would heighten understanding of customers and trends, resulting in knowledge of market and competitors. EMRS students also picked up important advertising and promotion (A&P) skills. These skills are gained when the students organise events such as NYP openhouse and BHG fair. A&P skills are needed to differentiate one from their competitors. Thus, with these important skills at their finger tips, students would be more confident when they make a decision to become an entrepreneur.

In closing, it is apparent that EMRS is an active advocate for entrepreneurship and an excellent role model for others to emulate.

Penned by:

Wong Zi Hui- Team 5

Internal Event - NYP Open-house, Success Worth Emulating: Industry Experts

This reporter set out today with the thought that it would be yet another round of mundane open-houses that he had to cover. However it couldn’t be further from the truth; from moment he stepped into the NYP atrium the electrifying atmosphere hit him like a tight slap to the face. It instantly made him feel awake and alive, as he had not felt since he left school and entered the real world!

Sensing the source of youthful energy and excitement emanating from the left side of the atrium he headed up the escalator. Lo and behold there a hand-made banner with the words “I Love SBM Bazaar” emblazoned upon it welcomed the throngs of visitors to join in the festivities!

Moving closer, the enticing and distinctive smell of Ramly burgers became stronger. Looking around, he noticed many sumptuous foods to fill one’s palate. These include Pie Kia, Yumi Yogurt, Hotdog Prata and kings ice-cream! “I just love the selection of food here! The Yumi yogurt is so Yummy, kings ice-cream so kingly and the pie kia so bad*ss!” was what Jeremiah -who is planning to transfer from SP to NYP due to the higher standard of event management- said.

A crowd further down parted to reveal henna and manicure stand. “The person who helped me draw the henna offered great customer service and the best part is that she is very attractive! I’m so gonna come NYP next year!” said Adrian Amigo a secondary 4 student from Bukit Cha Chat Secondary School.

Looking around, that was when this reporter noticed there were many stores hawking intricate looking trinkets. Some examples are Jade Handicrafts and Jeff Kester. Asking around, I found out that the students had actually sourced these suppliers all by themselves! Impressive is the only word to describe this herculean feat!

Walking on, the sound of laughter filled the air like the tingling of bells. The crowd parted to reveal brightly coloured game booths! The booths had catchy names like “ON-A-RoLL” and “GALACTIC NIGHT @ NYP”!

These games were extremely popular with the crowd as evidenced by their snaking queues. I have got to agree with the industry experts NYP open-house is definitely worth emulating!

“We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.”

-Rabindranath Tagore