Friday, April 10, 2015

Half Day Camp - Team 4


We had to plan and outreach programme for seconday school students from Compassvale Secondary School. It had to be a fun yet educational session. We tried to involve different aspects such as games and project planning. The event was held on 30 March 2015, from 1.30pm-5.30pm.

Event Day

On the event day, it started out with a brief introduction of the students to the facilitators, vice versa. Then, they were given a project. This project required them to plan a outing for the EMRS teams.

They were then required to present their ideas to the facilitators and their fellow classmates.

After the project was done, there was a game session for them, in which they played the game "Running Man".

After the camp, all students were tired, but asked for more rounds of games and did not bother to stay back with us to play the games. All of us enjoyed a lot during this event and it was a relatively successful one.