Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Event name : CYBERTEC '11
Date : 2-4th NOV
Venue : NYP Atrium

The CYBERTEC fair was an overall sucess despite the lack of manpower.The CYBERTEC '11 was also the first mega event which we organized so everything was on a larger scale compared to the mini roadshow we previously executed.  We also had a limited time frame to plan and carry out the pre-event preparations. Here are some photos of our team working hard :

The set up on the first day was rather hectic as no one had the expertise in organizing such an event. Things went pretty slowly as we were not mentally prepared for the practical work. This was because most of us knew about the plans mostly in theory rather than in practice. Even though we were quite confused, we managed to set up all the booths on time. The event started at 1030am.

At that point in time, there were not much crowd as most of the NYP students were in lectures or tutorials. As time passes to lunch hour, the crowd gradually increased.

For all 3 days, the crowds came in mostly during lunch hour. Students developed time management skills and teamwork when in-charge and the booth helpers took turns to go for their break.

Unlike the setting up, the setting down was much faster partly due to fact that the event was over and everyone wanted to get back to the project room for a rest. The fixtures were cleared smoothly without any problems for the first 2 days. However, on the last day, setting down was quite tedious as everything had to be cleared including the stage.thus consuming a little bit more of our time.

Each individual in our teams learnt the importance in teamwork and planning through this event. The CYBERTEC '11 fair was not only a success to EMRS but also aided in emrs students to get real life experience in the fast growing working world.