Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bonding Session at Bishan Park 2 - Team 4

We have to plan a bonding session with other respective teams at Bishan Park 2. It is to bond different teams together as we have never had a session where all the teams play together and it will be the first time for our 2015 EMRS batch. The event was held on 7 April 2015, from 9am-2pm.

Before the actual day, we recced the place to find out where should we gather, which bus stop to alight at, etc. We also went to buy prizes for the winners, runner up and consolation prize.

We meet some challenges along the way, one of the major problem is that our original plan of going Sentosa on 6/4/15 clash with our teacher's schedule so we change the time and venue nearer to our school instead, which is Bishan Park 2.

Event Day

On the event day, we gathered at Bishan Park 2’s Macdonald first and move in further into the park for briefing and later on carrying out the games, there were two games in total.
The first game started right after the briefing where Team 2 have to versus Team 3, after that then the winner gets to versus Team 4. And the winner for the first game is Team 2!
The first game

                                                                     Getting ready

You spin mah head right round right round~

                                                               Tie ‘em legs together

                                                                         So cosy


There was a break of 15mins in-between so the teams can have a rest, after the break we carried on the next game which is called Running Man. The game goes like this, each team will be sorted into different colours, Pink, Green & Blue, the game admins will hide three envelope for each team in different areas of the park and the teams have to find them as fast as possible to complete the mission. The fun part is, when it reaches 12pm, everyone get to tear off opposing team’s name tags to eliminate them from the game. And the undisputed winner is still Team 2!
Although it was a very hot day but the weather did not seem to deter the players from completing the mission~  


After the games they had another round of tearing of name tags and eventually the event ended with everyone exhausted and sweaty. But nonetheless everybody enjoyed the games and I declare this bonding session a success. We get to bond with everyone and its nice knowing other people from different teams and get to play with them.

EMRS 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

SD Graduation - Team 3

We have gone down for a rehearsal for the Specialize Diploma (SD) Graduation on 2 April 2015. During the rehearsal, we were briefed about the flow of the event such as knowing our roles, time to report on the actual day, the dress code and ran through the entire event twice. Therefore, we had a better understanding of the flow of the event on the actual day.

Event Day

On the actual event, which was on the 10 April 2015, we had to report at 2.30pm at lecture hall 2 at level 1 to be prepared for the Graduation Ceremony to commence. 

                           Getting ready at the reception table as the event was about to commence.  

While the awardees registered their names at the reception table, they were each given a small slip of paper to write their names and thereafter pass the slip to the emcees so that they can identify them better when announcing their names to receive their awards.

Gradually, there were more graduates making their way to the lecture hall and we had to manage the crowd at the reception area thus some of us went inside the lecture hall to usher the awardees to their seats after they have registered their names. 

The awardees were seated according to their diplomas and waited patiently for the event to commence.

Upon the commencement of the ceremony, the senior Director of the School of Business Management gave a motivating speech to the awardees and congratulated them for their handwork. 

After the ceremony, the awardees proceeded for refreshments outside the lecture hall.

Post Event
After the event has ended, we were given a debrief by the coordinator and the logistics team had to return the fixtures back to the fixtures room. 

In a nutshell, the SD graduation went smoothly and we were elated to share the joy with the awardees during the graduation day. However, we took some time to manage the crowd at the reception area but we managed to overcome it by ushering them quickly to their seats. It was a good experience for us to execute this event and made us look forward to attending our graduation ceremony next year. 

Customized Study Path - Team 2

CSP was held on 10 April 2015 from 9am to 12.30pm at block B and block D. We were given about 3 weeks to plan for this event. We need to assist the students coming for CSP by managing the queue and helping them to plan and resolve clashes in their timetable.

We rearrange the tables and chairs in the room trying to maximize privacy for the consultation before the event. Also, we put up signage(lift lobby etc.) to provide directions to guide the students to the respective venues.

Sample layout of the room for consultation:



Event Day
On the day of the event, Team 2 reported at 8.15am to check all the rooms, ensuring that everything is fine before the event starts. We got team 4 to help us with ushering of the students and as lab assistant due to not having enough manpower. Students that come for the event are to register at D509. They will then be guided to the respective rooms, where we will give a queue number to them and, they will have to wait for their turn to meet their lecturers. After meeting the lecturers, students will proceed to B505 or B512 to get their timetable planned and printed. Following that, they will need to head back to meet their lecturers to get their timetable endorse.
After the event, we arrange the rooms back to how it was and take down all the signage. Within 30 minutes, the venue was cleared.

In conclusion, the event is successful even though we faced problems along the way. The attendance list of the students for the event is one of the problems we faced, as we need to confirm the number of students coming for the event so as to prepare enough seats for them. Also, some lecturers might want privacy when speaking to students, but we are not sure which lecturers want them, we prepared a holding room to counter to the problem. We have learnt that for an event to be successful, teamwork and communicating skills are very important.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Half Day Camp - Team 4


We had to plan and outreach programme for seconday school students from Compassvale Secondary School. It had to be a fun yet educational session. We tried to involve different aspects such as games and project planning. The event was held on 30 March 2015, from 1.30pm-5.30pm.

Event Day

On the event day, it started out with a brief introduction of the students to the facilitators, vice versa. Then, they were given a project. This project required them to plan a outing for the EMRS teams.

They were then required to present their ideas to the facilitators and their fellow classmates.

After the project was done, there was a game session for them, in which they played the game "Running Man".

After the camp, all students were tired, but asked for more rounds of games and did not bother to stay back with us to play the games. All of us enjoyed a lot during this event and it was a relatively successful one.