Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Fair 2016


Date: 13 - 15 December 2016
Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm
Location: NYP Atrium (Block A)


A team of enthusiastic students from Event Management & Roadshow (EMRS) Team 3 came together to organize our first mega event; Christmas Fair 2016 from 13 - 15 December 2016 located at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Atrium. Despite having the event handed over to us from the previous batch of EMRS Team 3; this event gave the whole team the opportunity to think on the spot if and when unexpected things happen. Moreover, the event has also allowed us as a team with different individual specialisation to apply many relevant knowledge during the planning an execution.


The OICs of the event managed to bring (on top of vendors sourced by the previous batch) in a total of 5 external vendors and 3 consignment booths such as Watsons, Lumiex, ShamelessSG, Totetease, BakersWorld, The Cover Affair, Okuhlt and LetsFloatSG. Each vendor carried different kinds of interesting products such as giant floats. cute socks. cosmetics and et cetera. This, helped to attract more crowd and allowed customers with varying taste to be able to enjoy exclusive deals.

The objective of this year's Christmas Fair 2016 is to celebrate the joyous and heartwarming festive season with NYP students and staff. Customers enjoy exclusive deals enjoyed exclusive deals during the three day fair. Through this event, we also brought convenience to our customers; as they are able to buy a Christmas gift for their loved ones.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Overall in Charge: Vicky, Elizabeth, Cher Liang 
The roles for overall in-charge includes taking care of everyone and ensuring that the whole team is able to carry out their tasks well independently.

  • Advertising & Promotions: Cindy, Fakhrusy
Under advertising & promotion, the ICs had to design the event poster, flyers and promote the event through social media. word-of-mouth and et cetra.

  • Logistics: Ting Yu, Brandon
Under logistics, the ICs had to ensure the proper planning of the floor plan; including the equipment needed are placed in the right location.

  • Finance: Kiara, Ja Che
Lastly, our finance team had to man the cashier and POS system that was used only for products that were on consignment. They were also responsible for all money related matters (e.g. Mobile selling floats / POS floats).

Before the event, as a team; we came together and discussed on the theme of the event as it would help to standardised our posters and venue design. Our posters needed to be done within a tight deadline as approval from the director was needed before we could publicise the poster / flyers. Flyers were then given out to students around campus. Our team also came up with some A&P ideas to decorate the whole event venue to make it more lively and vibrant. Lastly, a snowman was handmade with love through the use of paper cups and a separate plinko board (nicknamed "Jingle Balls") was made for mystery gift purposes.





Our team also came up with handmade A&P materials to decorate the whole event venue to make it lively and vibrant

Actual Event (13 - 15 Dec)
Day 1
During the first day of our event, we took almost two hours to set up due to the lack of experience. The response from customers on the first day of the event was good as there was already a crowd that started to come in around 10:00am, which was before the actual start time. Moreover, during our free time, some of us walked around the campus to distribute flyers to further increase the awareness for the Christmas fair.

Day 2
On the second day, the whole team was already well versed with the setup and hence, everything was ready within an hour. However, we realised that there was not enough crowd at the atrium. Therefore, we decided to have mobile selling to boost our sales. Everyone was split into team as task to walk around the canteen / staff's rooms to sell our products such as socks, mac book covers and floats. At the end of the day, everyone managed to clear most of the stocks and everything went smooth as silk.

Day 3
On the last day, despite everyone being both mentally and physically drained, we pushed through and started to tear down at 4:00pm. Thereafter, we gathered all the feedback from vendors and received positive comments on the overall three days fair. By 5:00pm, everything went as planned and things were removed from the atrium to allow the next event to proceed with their set up.

After the event, we did housekeeping for both EMRS and Fixtures rooms and ensured that everything was returned back to their original state. Also, we did a final stock count for our consignment booths to ensure that all goods sold tallied with the sales figure before the vendors came and colected their remaining stocks.


Conclusion + Learning Points
In a nutshell, we managed to establish good teamwork and team spirit throughout the whole event, we also successfully executed the tasks that were allocated, communicated effectively among ourselves and taking initiatives to support one another when there is a need. Nevertheless, we all agreed that our communication within the team could have been better to ensure that everything done was consistent and well-organised.

Last but not least, as a team, we managed to meet our sales target with the cooperation of all the vendors as their products were sold very quickly and affordably to our target audience of NYP staff and students.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Retail-Entrepreneurship Fair 2016

A Tree-mendous Christmas Affair

Date: 12 December 2016

Time: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Venue: Block A, Level 2, Outside D'Studio

It was an exciting time for the retail students as they set up their booth for the Retail Entrepreneurship fair. The fair is a unique opportunity for these students to apply their knowledge to a real life scenario. For the first time, the fair involved a fundraising component for two charities; World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Movement for the Intellectually Disabled for Singapore (MINDS).  There were other merchants like Lumiex and NYP Streetwear & Drawstring to donate their proceeds to these charities.

Our objective is to raise awareness and attract people to this event, and we accomplished through the distribution of flyers and posters. We provided retail students fixtures for their booths and accommodated to their requests to the best we can. Furthermore, being associated with corporate social responsibility, we aimed to raise funds through the sales of drawstring bags for charity organisations WWF and MINDS.

Our Roles
We were tasked to assist in the event, in different departments such as Advertising and Publicity (A&P), Logistics and Finance. A&P came up with posters to publicise the event and hand-made decorations to liven the event area, logistics managed the required fixtures and laid out the floorplans, and finance came up with budget proposal and sales target.

Handmade decorations by Team 2 to depict our theme “Tree-mendous”

Prior to the event, our team placed more focus on the Advertising & Publicity activities as it required more manpower - designing of posters, doing up the christmas decorations and raising awareness for our event by going around the campus to give out flyers and put up posters. Not forgetting Finance & Logistics, we set aside a budget, a sales target and coordinated with the lecturers and retail students for logistic matters.
In the midst of creating decorations..

Event Day
Our team reported to the EMRS room early on the bright and sunny day at 8.30 a.m. Priority goes to our retail students so we started moving the super heavy tables and arranged the retail booth fixtures for them; which were all set up before 10 a.m as per planned. Continuing on, we set up our remaining CSR booths and decoration for the event till 11 a.m. The setup wasn’t as smooth as we would have hoped, but we managed to get the event running on time.

NYP Streetwear & Drawstring booth being set up.
This was the front entrance of our event. To create a grand entrance, we specifically put a sign on the christmas tree and gingerbread man to notify customers that our event is being held inside
Setting up of the Redemption counter
Liaising with participating CSR Booths (Streetwear & Drawstring)

Public Reactions
After the event area was set up, we executed publicity stunts to create social buzz. We went around in our Santa and hand-made Gingerbread-men costumes to give out flyers and interact with the public. Phones were taken out to take snapshots of our Santa and Gingerbread-men, and many of them was eager to take photo with them as they went around the school.

Our OIC (Darwyn) and Arjun dressed up as Santa Claus promoting our event by giving out event flyers
Setting up the sound system
To create a lively and festive atmosphere, we used the sound system. Christmas songs and latest hits were played (we literally played ‘Closer by The Chainsmokers’ 20 times) and students were allowed to promote their own retail booths. To add onto the atmosphere before passersby are able to hear the music, we pasted paper snowflakes on the glass doors to give off the Christmas feel. In the midst of setting up, we encountered difficulties as we did not know which cables were supposed to connected to which parts. However, with some help, we successfully set up the sound system before 11 a.m.


These are the 4 retail booths - HandPicked, Moonlight, LeMascs and Style:U that we helped to set up. They also prepared their Visual Merchandising decorations and were ready for sales by 11am. However, there were slight hiccups which we managed to overcome. An example of this would be when one team stuck their poster to the wall, which is not allowed. Thus we provided them with an aisle stand for them to showcase their poster.

NYP Streetwear & Drawstring was manned by EMRS Team 2, we were allocated into different shifts for cashiering

To attract more people to our event, we also had a redemption booth whereby students/staff had to present their flyers in exchange for sweet
Retail students promoting their booths
Shoppers at different booths

Improvisation of clothing design

After Event
When the event ended at 5pm, we carried out the closing process for all the booths. Our team split the responsibilities and proceeded with our duties. The finance team carried out a stocktake for the CSR booth (Drawstring and Streetwear) to record the stock status after the event sales before handing over the remaining stocks to D’ Studio. This is to ensure that there is no discrepancy in the sales and float amount. The team removed the posters that were placed at various locations and christmas decorations. Also, removing the fixtures before returning them back to the logistics room.

Closing Stocktake process
    Returning the fixtures to EMRS logistics room

In a nutshell, the event was a success. We managed to attract crowds to the Retail Entrepreneurship Fair and thus the sales for our Retail and CSR booths was substantial.
Everyone went home happily, with the gifts in hand, just in the nick of time for the holiday festivity while vendors cheered on their achieving their sales targets. For  EMRS Team 2, it had been a long and weary day but was no doubt an exciting occasion to apply their ideas to a real-world setting and help raise some funds for good samaritans such as the WWF & MINDS. Perhaps, more importantly, we made memories fostering a spirit of good teamwork and communication.

aar 12

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SBM International Fair 2016

Date: 30 November 2016

Time: 11am - 5pm

Venue: Block B, Level 2, Foyer and Seminar Rooms

The objective of every year’s SBM International Fair is to allow SBM year 1 and 2 students to learn more about the Overseas Student Exchange Program (OSEP). The OSEP students from the different countries would also be there to share about their universities. Since this was our last event, we wanted to end our stint in EMRS with a bang!

Considering that the theme we have come up with for this year’s fair is ‘’Friendship’’, we used the picture of a globe surrounded by people of different races holding hands on all our A&P materials.

Main Event Poster

International Fair Brochure

Pre Event

Before the actual day of the event, we met up with the OSEP students to brief them on what they needed to prepare for their respective booths. We went down to the foyer to plan our floor layout and took measurements. Our decorations for the venue consisted of 4 main items: a Christmas tree, an arrival arch for the entrance, banners of flags to hang between the vents and lastly a photo booth for students to take photos. We also came up with a sandwich board that we can put on to promote around SBM and friendship bands to give out as prizes for our own game booth.

Photo booth and Christmas tree created by the team!

Yi Jie and Vivien cutting the A&P materials

Yeow Chung and Jing Zhan doing the sandwich board.

Team 3 working hard on the A&P materials!

Pre Event Publicity

In order to reach out to more students, we went to different lectures to promote more about the event. We also sought approval to place our posters around SBM and to be included in the school’s computer system.

Event poster students see when they start up the school computer

Yeow Chung going around to put up posters

Event day

Set up (8.15am)
On the event day, our team reported at 8.15am in the EMRS room. Afterwards, we split into groups according to the allocated tasks. The setup was smooth as we managed to set up the venue before the estimated time. By 10.30am we were ready to start the event.

Yeow Chung and Yati putting the flag banner

Yeow Chung and Jing Zhan carrying the arrival arch to the venue.



OSEP students in their traditional costumes and ready for the event!

Actual Event (11am)
As students had lessons and ICA in the morning, we didn’t get as many students as expected. However in the afternoon, we could see that more students started pouring in. Our promoters went around SBM to attract students to visit our event.

Jing Zhan and Jin Fen going around SBM block and atrium to promote!

Waiting for students’ arrival

Student receiving stamps after playing the game


Talks by different universities

Students playing 3 facts, 2 lies game

End of Event (5pm)
The whole event ended at 5pm. After which, the whole team started to tear down the event together. We cleaned up the venue and returned all logistics that were borrowed to the fixtures room. By 5.45pm, the venue was returned to original state. The whole team reported back at EMRS room and we were dismissed by 6pm.

To conclude SBM International Fair, even though the team faced some obstacles before and during the event, we managed to overcome all odds as a team to deliver a successful event at the end of the day. It was a fun and enjoyable 7 weeks and we definitely gained useful skills during our time at EMRS.