Monday, July 6, 2015

Connect'On Grand Opening 23rd June 2015

We were assigned to plan the grand opening of Connect'On that was held on 23rd June 2015. Connect'On is an IT Store opened by the collaboration of Starhub and Planet Telecoms in the new shopping arcade in NYP.
This event involved 20VIP's from Starhub, Planet Telecoms, Board of Governors, as well as more than 150 important guests such as directors/principal/CEOs from respective schools and company to celebrate the grand opening.

We were given approximately 3-4 weeks to plan for this event from scratch which involved things such as the layout, manpower, decoration, liaising with the lion dance, and sourcing for an Emcee etc.

Our planning process: 
Firstly, we had to plan the layout such as where to place everything from the reception table, goodie bags table, speakers, lion dance, balloons etc. We also had to take actual measurements of the place for our floor plan.

Our people acting as balloons to see the number of balloons required and their respective positions because we didn't have any actual ones.

Other than the layout, we had to think of how to decorate the pillars and ledges which was the toughest part of the entire event as we came up with plenty of ideas and mock-up's but none of them were acceptable/professional enough.

These are some of the designs we attempted during our planning phase:

After input from Miss Choo and Miss Yong on what is required, we settled for a design with Miss Choo's help which was more modern and contemporary.

Other than the decoration, we managed to finalize the number of confetti, manpower allocation, floor plan, positions of the respective VIPs and the i-ball location. 

during one of our full dress rehearsals. 

inside the Connect'on store.
Our tired but happy faces after the event was finally over!
Overall, we faced several unexpected turn of events on the actual day such as the early arrival of some VIP's, the sudden arrival of a huge crowd, as well as some latecomers. 
In spite of everything, we learnt to think on the spot and adapt to different situations to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible. 

We learnt that no matter how much we plan, things may not always go accordingly so we have to be flexible in our actions and predict any unforeseen circumstances that may occur. Some things may be beyond our control but we did out best to prevent any errors that may occur due to human error. 
Most importantly throughout this never-ending planning process and countless rehearsals, we have learnt to work together as a team!