Friday, July 10, 2015

Bods Bodynits

Bods.Bodynits Sale

Date: 2nd and 3rd July 2015
Time: 1030 to 1630
Venue: Block A, Level 2, above i@Central
Objective: Create awareness among the youth on Bods Bodynits brand.
Collaborated With: Bods.Bodynits

Bods.Bodynits is a locally established company that sells sport apparels and EMRS Team 2 was given an opportunity to work in a partnership with them on a rental basis.

A meeting between the OICs and a Bods. Bodynits Representative was arranged two weeks before the event. The OICs then briefed the team on the event details.

Our theme for the event..... SPORTS!

Our proposed posters!

After much discussion and amendments, this was the approved poster!

Finally, our finalized poster!

The posters were only approved the night before our event therefore, we had to rush to set up the poster stands first thing in the morning!

On the event day, we decorated the event space, following the theme of Sports Day! 

The A&P team doing their set-up, putting up the backdrop for the running track on the wall.

On Day 1, due to the sudden change in floor plan, we were behind schedule by half an hour. The logistics team took note of this and came up with a logistic schedule, outlining the roles of each member for the set up and tear down for Day 2. We managed to set up within 45 minutes on Day 2!

The team displaying the clothes and positioning the racks! We had to position the rack in such a way so that the racks do not block our decoration on the wall.

Taping down the wires...

We came up with a promotional idea of having the team members walk around school with banners. We observed that the walking publicity strategy worked as it gathered the attention of students and lecturers/tutors. There were several number of people that approached us to ask where and what sale is happening.

Our members wearing the sign boards to promote around the school!

A close up on how we displayed our products on the four arm rack!

Our team members actively assisting the crowd of customers at the wagon! It was the best seller for the entire event.

Through this event, we learnt to always think on our feet. Just like how some of our team members were caught in the MRT delay on Day 2, therefore allocation of jobs and tasks had to be reshuffled during set up on day 2.
Despite the disruptions, everyone in the team worked hand in hand to overcome the obstacles and made this event a successful one!! We learnt that despite planning ahead of time, the plans can still be changed anytime.

So always expect the unexpected - quoted from Mr Sudesh!

With lots of love, Team 2.