Friday, July 10, 2015

Retail Entreprenuership Fair - Team 4

On the 2nd of July, we had our second event: The Retail Entrepreneurship Fair.

For the planning stage, the main things we had to settle were the poster, layout, liaising with the gelato vendor, and the confirmation of the fixtures required by the Retail students.

The finalized poster after liaising with the Retail students:

During the actual event, we helped with the set up, ensured that the layout and fixtures were all in place, and also did the tear down after the event was finished.

During the set-up, we realised that no fans had been requested by the Retail students and the area was really humid, hence we, together with Ms Yong contacted and went to borrow several fans from the respective personnel and brought them to the venue.

Some of the Retail booths:

Although this event wasn't as complicated and mentally-draining in comparison with our other events, we still strived hard and did our very best.

Our key takeaway from this event is that: Communication is key.
This was one of the most important things as during the planning stage, we had to liase with many different groups of people which included the retail students, Ms Poo, the ice-cream vendor, and even team 2 as we had to share the fixtures on the same day due to another event they were having at the same time.

We have also learned to adapt more easily to changes as there were many changes in areas such as the floor plan, poster, required fixtures, vendor and even the venue of the event. This has enabled us to be more flexible in everything that we do and take things in our stride.

Overall, the event was a success and we had a great time as well!