Friday, July 10, 2015

Fragrance and Cath Kidston Sale

On the 8th and 9th of July, Team 4 had our last event: Forza Fragrance and Cath Kidston sale!

Our planning process involved plenty of things. Firstly, we had to decide on our layout and what fixtures we should use. We had a lot of different options initially such as using tables with boxes on top to display our products, and the type of layout the tables should be put at, etc.

Here's our planning phase: 
Shopping for materials for our deco!
Handmade spiral flowers for decoration

We decided to forgo the table ideas, as we wanted a shop outlook, therefore, we only used the different sizes of boxes to display our various products.

Our fragrance sale poster!

Ideas for pricetags for cath kidston!

After all the preparations, the day has arrived!

Forza Fragrance layout! 

Our cath kidston's layout! 

One major challenge that we faced throughout the sales of our Cath Kidston products was that we did not have any testers on the first day, hence it was pretty hard to convince people to purchase our products as they could not smell or try any of our body care products.
We managed to overcome this hurdle by bringing in testers on the 2nd day of our event and we had fun promoting our products! 

We also decided to do mobile-selling for cath kidston products to draw more attention from the crowd!

After 2 days of sales, for forza fragrance, they made a total sales of $10000 which exceeded their initial sales target of $3000! And for cath kidston, we exceeded our sales target by $135.20!! 

Us together with the Forza promoters!
From this event, we learnt that time management is key especially since the timeline was rather tight as we had 2 events back to back.
We also picked up promoting and advertising skills needed to sell our products. From this, we gained more confidence and experience in the marketing and promoting aspect! 
Most importantly, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and made the best of our last event!

Thank you EMRS for giving us this opportunity to learn so much within these 7 weeks! We'll miss this place for sure!