Friday, July 10, 2015

Mini Roadshow: Fashion Wonderland

Team 2 presents to you 'Fashion Wonderland'!!
Our first event planned and executed from scratch. 

The mini sales fair took place during the school holidays on 18 June - 19 June 2015, from 10.30am to 4.30pm. 
The objectives of the event are to have hands on experience on planning and managing a small scale event, provide alumni with business opportunities and to a create platform for future collaborations.

  In collaboration with:

HIDDEN BEAUTY - Handmade Accessories from Myanmar

 KISETSU COLLECTIONS - Leather Cardholders for Men

 DOMINIS- Trendy Clothes

We worked on a consignment basis with these three vendors. 

For this event, we had a tight budget to follow. To overcome this, the team decided to use recycled materials for the decoration and brought materials from home so that we could work within the budget.

Our handmade packaging for the Hidden Beauty accessories.

Our posters displayed at the booth for various products.

As a group we decided on the theme 'Nature' for our event and A&P designed the poster accordingly.

Our poster for the event!

The day before the event, we set up the poster stands in various locations around the school.

Fast Food, South and North Canteen

On the day of our event, the team started the set up at 9.10a.m. It was rather messy on the first day of our set-up as there was no logistics schedule prepared. We learnt from this and prepared a logistics schedule for the second day.

The logistics team setting up the 4 arms rack

 The layout of our booth!!!!

We were worried that we could not attract customers to our booth as it was during the school holidays. Therefore, the A&P came out with an promotional ideas... We attached sweets to the flyer and gave out around the school.

Also, the OICs came up with a manpower schedule to separate us up into teams, one team to be stationed at the booth and another team to be doing mobile promotions.

The team members attending to lecturers that stopped by to support us.

All in all, we learnt that we should not have any expectations before trying something out, we should always stay positive and try out new things, that way, even if we fail, at least we would have learnt something in the process.

With lots of love, Team 2