Tuesday, July 7, 2015

EMRS Mini-Road Show

Team 3 EMRS was tasked to plan and organise the Mini Road show selling consignment products from Cheers.  Our event was held on the:
Date: 10th June 2015
Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm
Venue: Opposite Shopping Arcade
Theme: Cheerful Delights

The objectives of this Road show were to create awareness and to promote Cheers and its products to all customers. In addition, we also aimed to boost students’ happiness and relieve their stress. Our team aimed to bring convenience to all by conducting mobile selling around the campus. At the same time, we had to achieve sales target of $250 for this event. Our main target audience were students, staff and passers-by around the campus.

Our Event Poster!

Pre-Event Preparations

Upon being briefed by our supervisor, we were given 2 weeks to plan for the event. Members were assigned to their own roles and we decided that our theme would be “Cheerful Delights”. It derived from the ‘’Cheers’ Full of Delights’’ with the purpose of promoting Cheers and its products  to all customers and boosting happiness and relieving students’ stress.

For the first week, we also worked on the brainstorming and designing of our main event poster. To make the poster more attractive, we made use of colourful colours to draw more people to notice our publicizing. As the event is around the corner, we started doing DIY mobile selling boards, price tags, price lists and banners for them to refer to when they are doing mobile selling to save cost as we had a limited budget of only $20. Prize stickers and lucky draw redemption vouchers were also made in-house.


DIY Mobile Selling Boards for the event

To attract more customers, we have a lucky draw which consisted of Grand Prize like LAYS Potato Chips, Popcorn and Wheel Crackers prizes.

Wrapping the Lucky Draw Box

  Popcorn and wheel crackers prizes for Lucky Draw    

As for the layout, we chose a walk in concept so that customers would not feel pressurized when shopping. To ease the transactions during the event day, finance have came out with an excel spread sheet to record the transactions involved. This allowed us to reduce the customer waiting time and track the sales in the case of discrepancies or stock loss.

Moving on, we were required to contact and liaise with the various vendors and suppliers such as Cheers and JM Ice. After we had confirmed the products, we had to prepare the product list for ordering of stocks. As such, we were able to check against the list to ensure that the exact number of stocks were delivered . After the event, the product list was updated with closing stocks to ensure that no stocks were missing.

Finally, in order to attract our customers , flyers were printed for the purpose of giving them out before the event

Executing (Event Day)

All of us were busy with the moving of fixtures from the fixture room to event venue. Our team tried our best to complete the set up as fast as possible as we had to complete the setup as soon as possible to meet the deadline of 10.30am.      

 Members setting up for the Mini Road Show

During the event, we were all assigned roles. Some members were allocated to manage the sales at our booth. Meanwhile, our mobile selling teams were off to different locations around the campus to sell the products. As such, for both teams, we had to ensure that the products were being replenished at all times and always be on guard to prevent any stock loss.


Our Mobile Selling Team!

Off for Mobile Selling!

End of Event

From 3pm to 3.30pm, our mobile selling teams made one final round to push the sales and to clear all the products that they had on hand, followed by tear down of the booth at 3.30pm. By 4pm, after all logistics have been returned to the fixture room, we did one final check on the cash on hand. The results were satisfactory as our efforts have been paid off and we have managed to melt the ice and bond closer together as a team throughout the event. It was a very ‘cheerful’ event for all of us indeed.
Moving fixtures back to fixtures room

Stock Count and tabulating the sales

In addition, we managed to exceed our sales target of $250. It was unexpected as it was during holiday period and the crowd was relatively low. However, we tried our best to do mobile selling and the outcome was better than expected. We hit a total sales of $476.85 with cash surplus of $22.40!!!
EMRS is indeed an eye opener for all of us as we get to learn life lessons and skills that would not be taught in classroom. We have become more bonded than the first time we met and it proved that teamwork plays a very important role as in event planning. This was totally an enjoyable experience for all of us.
EMRS TEAM 3! The Best Team Ever!