Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CommunicAsia2015 @ MBS

Jun 8, 2015
Time check: 11:28am
CommunicAsia2015, EnterpriseIT2015 & BroadcastAsia2015

EMRS Team 2 recently participated in the annual trade exhibition from Jun 2-5, 2015 that was organised by Singapore Exhibition Services.
CommunicAsia2015, EnterpriseIT2015 & BroadcastAsia2015 showcased the latest technologies from the film, telecommunication and entertainment industries. This exhibition was graced by more than 34,000 attendees, 1,200 exhibitors and 180 speakers and was only open to trade professionals. 

Our first event!

On May 29, 2015 before the actual event, we attended a training on the CommunicAsia/BroadcastAsia mobile app at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Upon reaching the venue, we were brought into a meeting room where we were briefed on our roles and the highlights of the event.
Not forgetting, we were guided on how to use the phone application as well.

Apps that stayed with us for the past four days.

Screenshots of the mobile app!

Look at the amount of functions in the app!

After the briefing, we were brought around the convention hall to familiarize ourselves with the layout of the venue. The venue was surprisingly very spacious and was spanned over many floors namely, B2, L1, L3, L4 & L5.

Following that, we had lunch together at Marina Square and discussed about the manpower requirements/allocations for the 4-day event.

Team 2's  first lunch together <3 

There's always space for dessert!

Finally, its the start of the 4 day event!

The team gathered at Marina Bayfront station before heading to the exhibition venue.

Behold, our weapons for the event!

Our members all geared up with windbreaker & land yard to start their duties!

Prior to the opening ceremony and we were split into 3 teams on the first day:

  • Ushering of VIPs
  • Registration
  • Assisting in the VIP’s Tour

The VIP Tour!

These additional roles that were assigned caught us by surprise but we managed to adapt quickly to the circumstances and our duties was carried out smoothly. This goes to show that flexibility and adaptability is really important, as quoted from Mr Sudesh, “Expect the Unexpected!”   

Main duties:
  • Promoting of the mobile app
  • Collecting feedback
  • Helpdesk Booth assistant
Our mobile app helpdesk

We were assigned to different floors to perform our respective roles.

Initially, it took us a fair bit of courage to approach visitors and advertise the app. However, after the first hour, we became familiar with the processes and were more comfortable in approaching the visitors. 
We received many rejections but the encouragement from our teachers and peers helped us to persevere on! Being an ambassador not only requires communication skills but also technical skills. 

In a nutshell, we felt that it was a fruitful act as what we are promoting will help the visitors.

It wasn’t an easy road for the surveyors as well, with visitors avoiding us when they saw us approaching with a clipboard in our hands. Moreover, the communication barriers with some foreigners made it difficult in getting their feedback as they did not understand the questions. 

Feedback is essential for the organizers so that they can better improve the event. We had a debrief session at the end of this event where we contributed suggestions for realistic changes. We felt that our efforts were paid off because we, as team 2 were able to contribute constructive feedback! 

Our members spontaneously promoting the app

 Happy visitor and surveyor!

We had to have staggered lunch breaks so that there would always be at least one mobile app ambassador that would be promoting the app within that area at all times. 

Through this experience, we got a chance to interact with visitors from all around the region and also gained insights about their different cultures. We were given opportunities to step out of our comfort zones and also gained valuable experiences by participating in this large-scale event.

Look at those smiles on our faces!

We had so much fun through this journey, being marveled by different observations and lessons that were taught along the way. You probably can tell how satisfied we are with the experience by the looks on our faces. It was definitely a hectic experience, with the hustle and bustle engulfing us every minute. Of course, it was definitely enriching and unforgettable. The funny thing is, some of us don’t seem as drained as we thought we would be. Even though we missed out on the traditional team building session, we got much closer from small gatherings such as hanging out after the event, going home together throughout the week and having a quick lunch breaks together.

It definitely felt like we were kindred spirits.

Lots of Love,
Team 2

“It was a very fun & fulfilling experience because I got to interact with many people from different walks of life. This has allow me to learn more on how to execute an event effectively. Also, I am able to give suggestions to better improve the exhibition as a whole.”

“This event was definitely one that filled with loads of exciting happenings and allowed us to gain much more insights of event management. Looking forward to more exciting events with the awesome Team 2! ”
Esther & Ivy 

“After participating in this event, we realized that a lot of preparation is needed for to execute this 4 day event, from the placement of booths to the manpower needed. We are glad that we were given this opportunity.”
Valerie & Vanessa