Friday, May 29, 2015

Graduation Flowers 2015

For our last event as a team, we sold flowers along with an external vendor, XpressFlowers, at NYP’s graduation ceremony. The event was held from Friday 15th May to Thursday 21st May, and the event lasted from 7 am to 7pm daily.

Prior to the event, the OICs communicated with the suppliers regarding the type and prices of the flowers we will be selling on that day. We also designed the posters that will be displayed around the school.

We also planned the layout of the booth and delegated the roles to the rest of the team members. The OICs also allocated different shift timings for the team for each day of the event. For each team, there are 2 cashiers to assist with the POS System.
Event Day
The first shift started at 7 am so we had to set up the booth. The vendor came at 7.30 am and we assisted them to display the flowers on the tables. We had a wide variety of flowers, from 1-stalk flower to 12-stalk bouquets, consisting of roses, gerberas and sunflowers. We also had chocolate bouquets to provide customers with more choices. Crowd started coming in, and more people came by the booth to purchase the flowers.

Each team member played their part well in serving customers, keeping the flowers fresh, keeping the booth neat and tidy and ensuring that the customers were satisfied with their purchases.
On the first day of the event, 15th May, Friday, it was the graduation ceremony for the graduates from School of Engineering. We had expected lesser sales as there are more male graduates than female graduates. However, we did well as the customer preferred to purchase the Rocher bouquet as opposed to flower bouquet. Our sales for that day was an estimate of $3,000.
The graduates from School of Informative Technology and School of Chemical Life Science graduates celebrated their graduation ceremony on Monday. The sales for that day was slightly improved as compared to the first day as we had achieved $4,000 in sales.

On 19th May 2015, Tuesday, for the graduation ceremony for the School of Business Management, we had hit a whopping sum of $6,000 sales amount which was the highest throughout the event. Most of the customers purchase the most expensive flower bouquet which was the 12 roses bouquet and 3 sunflowers bouquet. At the end of the morning shift, we have already hit $3,000, it has exceeded our expectations.
On the next day, we expected the sales to be the highest throughout the graduation day as it was the day for School of Health Science graduation ceremony. However, we achieved $5,000 of sales for that day, which exceeded our target but was not the highest sales amount for the whole event. Based on the sales analysis, we have sold out more one stalk flowers than other bouquets for that day.

On the last day of event, it was the graduation ceremony for the school of interactive design and media. Sales throughout the day was relatively poor. Hence, the vendors decided to push the sales by having a discount for the flower. We informed our customers of the discount which encouraged them to purchase our the end of the events, we sold out all Rocher bouquets and the One-stalk flowers. At 7pm, we tore down the booth and cleared the area.
Our sales target for the whole of the event was $10,000. When we received the sales figure from Ms Choo, we had achieved a sales figure of $22,000! It had exceeded our target by 120%. Our most-selling item was the 1-stalk bouquet where we had managed to sell 150 stalks. Mr Soh, our vendor, had a sales target of $20,000 for us of which we had exceeded as well.
In conclusion, we feel that our event went smoothly. The few challenges we had was during the handover of cash and discrepancy during the end of shift. But they were quickly resolve and we improved with each day. One improvement we could do is to have better crowd control and organize our team better. At certain shifts we had shortage of staff while on some shifts, we over-staffed. And as we underestimated the crowd, our handover of shift could have been smoother if we had plan for better arrangement among the cashiers.

We did enjoy running this event and we had fun as a team :)