Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mini Road Show 28/4 - Team 4

Pre - Event

We were tasked with an event to plan a mini road show on the 28th of April. Discussions and planning were contributed by the entire group on how to conceptualize our theme, which was 'Glam For School'. We brought in 2 suppliers. The products we sold were perfumes, accessories and hand phone covers. We did a site inspection before deciding on a floor plan for our event. On the day before our event, we gave out flyers and displayed our posters around the school. Usually, the suppliers will drop the supplies at school. But this time, some of our group members travelled to our suppliers to collect the supplies for the road show. Our theme for the road show was Glam For School, #nypglamourpack

Our Poster for our Event

Counting stocks 

Getting the banner ready for the event

Event Day

On the day of the event, we reported at 9am. We had a mini meeting before setting up everything. The event started sharp at 10.30am. We had mobile sellers. For the mobile selling, we only sold perfumes and phone covers. During the event, two of our members went around the school to give out flyers as well. We had bit of difficulty setting up the mobile phone display rack. We should have displayed it the day before.

Setting up for the event

The banner is up, our products are displayed and we are good to go!!

In the middle of a sale

Group picture right after the event ended :)

Post - Event
After the event, we were glad to hear that we did not have any discrepancy in our stocks and in our cash as well. We did have a lot of fun managing this event. We had a meeting on the next day of our event where our supervisors and a few of our members gave us a briefing and how we did and how we could have improved ourselves. We did have a few learning points from this event, which we will definitely bring over to our next event.