Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crème simon @ NYP - 11 & 12 May 2015

On the 11 & 12 May, Crème simmon visited NYP  once again to organize it’s second roadshow!

For those who have not heard of Crème Simon before, it is actually a French Brand with more than 150 years of heritage, but has only recently entered the asian market in the recent years. It has even been tried and tested on a focus group for 2 years to suit our local skin type requirements.

As Creme Simon is an external vendor, we did not need to worry much about the products or stocks that were coming in. Instead, we worked hard to follow the template given to us for the marketing collateral. Although some of us were unexperienced in photoshop, with the help of the team members that were better at it, we were able to come up with our poster and also an e-catalogue to be sent out to the various NYP staff. 

We also attended a product training, to enable us with accurate and good product knowledge. 
This helped us a lot in the selling of products, which also eventually contributed to our sales.

On the day of the event
On the first day of the event, we came earlier as we did not know what to expect. To prevent any hiccups, our team cooperated and came at 8.30 to settle logs and set up the booth. We also had to set up the props for mobile selling. 

There were no general hiccups during the event. We gradually became more comfortable with selling the products and more familiar with the set up of the store. On the second day, we were able to quickly set up the displays. 

The friendly staff of Creme Simon also came down to assist us with the sales!


After the event:
Over the span of 2 days, we conducted the same routine after closing everyday. 
We would count the stocks and tally it with the opening and also tally the cash. 



In conclusion, the event went pretty smoothly and there were no discrepancies.
This is only possible with team work and the cooperation of every member. 
Through this event, we also have great exposure on how external roadshows run and we better understand the various steps taken to run an external roadshow. 

Like the saying goes, "No man is a lonely island", this would not have been possible without the contribution of every single member of team 4!