Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ready For IT! - EMRS Team 2 '15

Our team organised an IT road show from 5th to 7th May 2015, 10:30AM to 4:30PM daily. The objectives of the event is to learn the elements of planning a roadshow and various ideas to promote HP computers, fitness wristbands, and IT accessories. This IT Road show comprises of 3 external vendors namely, Asia Association Pte Ltd, Plus 3 and Connext Enterprise Pte Ltd.

Before the event, our team had to draw up the rental agreement, design the posters, book the items needed for those three days and store the merchandise. We also had to ensure that there was enough space for the booths to be set up. We also placed the posters we designed around the school a few days before the event.

 Fitbit Poster  Poster We Designed
   HP Poster

The challenges we faced were that we had to sell high-end IT products and we had sales target to meet. We also had to plan to set up the booths in a way that more customers would be attracted. One of our vendors also brought a counter that had to be stored and transported to the booth each day.

Finally, it was 5th of May! All of us came early to set up the booths. Some of us were in charge of taking the logistics items and some of us took the merchandise to the venue. There were some problems but we managed to solve them as a team.

We managed to set up everything by 10.30AM on the first day. We took on different roles - some of us were cashiers, some were promoters and a few were 'HR Executives'. A lot of students and staff bought the IT accessories and some of them bought Fitbit items too. The laptops, however, were not as popular. Thus, the laptop promoters tried to attract more customers to buy the items by becoming "loudspeaker salesperson" - promoting the items and asking everyone around to have a look at our items.

    Job applications for Asia Association Lelong! Laptop sleeves and mobile accessories for sale!
Promoting HP Items
 Setting up the Fitbit booth     "Come and take a look at our cool booth!"
We took less time to set up the booths on the second and third day. Our sales had mixed results - we managed to sell less IT accessories but more Fitbit items on the second day.

After each day, we brought back the items to the fixtures room and stored the merchandise back in place. We also had to count the stocks to check if there is any stock loss or discrepancies. There were some problems with the logistics list, manpower and stocks on the first day but we managed to resolve it in the end.

We learnt a lot through this event. One of it was that we have to be more proactive and not require others to prompt us to do things. We also became more familiarised with planning events and learning the "right" time to publicise our events. Even though there were problems we faced before, during and after the event, all of us worked together to resolve them and overall, this event was a success.