Friday, May 22, 2015

Samsung Truck Event – EMRS Team 3 2015

  •   Pre-event Preparations
Our team was given a chance to work with Samsung Asia Pte Ltd to facilitate an event for them. Samsung pitched the idea of setting up their truck outfitted with services, products and accessories within our campus. The event was held from 11th – 14th May, 10:30AM to 4:30PM. The main objective is to provide Samsung Galaxy users with value-added services for their phones should the need arise. 

We liaised with Samsung’s personnel, Jaclyn, to gather more information regarding promotional materials, manpower needed, roles and logistics needed. They provided the designs for poster and we made slight adjustments to it with the help of Jonathan from our team. We also decided on the locations that we were going to place the posters. We enquired about the specific timings the truck was going to arrive and leave so that the school estate management can lift the barriers and allow the truck to pass through without any disruptions. There were also shifts allocated for the respective team members from Morning 10:30AM – 12:30PM, Lunch 12:30PM – 2:30PM and Afternoon 2:30PM – 4:30PM. Lastly, we planned the relevant logistics needed for the event which included queue stands and fans for the Samsung staff.

  • During the event
Day 1

The truck arrived at 9:30AM and our team proceeded to set up the logistics needed. The event started at 10:30AM. During the first day of the event, there was a slight issue with the power point for the truck. The adapter that they brought was not the right one and they had to get someone else to bring the correct one down. They were also unsure if the adapter could fit as the contact points were really tight and they did not want to force it in incase it breaks. We got the school estate staff to help and we managed to resolve the issue. 

Our duties included giving out promotional materials that were being provided by Samsung and crowd control if there is a large crowd. The overall traffic for the event during the first day was not really good although we gave out promotional materials and tried to encourage people to visit the truck. In order to improve the situation, our team suggested to set-up a sound system to play music and also an Emcee to further attract people for the rest of the event. The event went smoothly and ended at 4:30PM.

Day 2
Due to the traffic flow, we adjusted our shift duties as we did not need too many staff. The crowd on the second day was much better compared to Day 1. There were also freebies given out such as free screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3 and Note 4 devices if the students or staff come on down for a free diagnostic test. We implemented the idea of an Emcee with the help of Hua Ying from our team.  The event went smoothly and ended at 4:30PM.

Day 3
The feedback gotten from Samsung indicated that Day 3 had the most amount of traffic inflow compared to Day 1 and 2. There was also an improvement in the execution of duties. Everyone had a clearer grasps on what they were supposed to do. The event was carried out without any hiccups and ended at 4:30PM.

Day 4
There was a minor problem while setting up as the socket adapter that Samsung needed was being removed from the contact point. We resolved the problem with ease by bringing over a 3-pin adapter for them.  There was also a heavy downpour during the event but we managed to move our logistics in before it rained. Our event went smoothly and ended at 4:30PM. We thanked the Samsung staff for coming, packed up our logistics and left.

  • Conclusion 

In conclusion, our event went really smoothly without any major problems occurring.  The few challenges we had were attracting the crowd to the event area as it was at a corner of the school and mostly the students and staff that were not using Samsung devices will not be interested of the event. After experiencing this event, we became more aware of what could have been improved and done more effectively and efficiently in future events.