Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Toggle Roadshow - EMRS TEAM 2

Our team had an opportunity to collaborate with Toggle on Friday, 15th May 2015. The objectives of the event were to create awareness of Toggle, especially after their recent rebranding and to encourage students to download the application. The duration of this event was from 10:00AM to 3:00PM. It was hosted by the popular Kimberly Wang, a DJ from 98.7fm. This includes a Meet-and-Greet session with three celebrities from 12:00PM to 2:00PM. They were, firstly, Felicia Chin, the pretty one. Next, Bonnie Loo, the cute one. Lastly, Zhang Zhen Huan, the gentleman.

Before the event, our team has divided the roles equally. The roles that we undertook included being in charge of logistics, advertising and promotion and crowd management. For logistics, we had to bring in the necessary equipment such as queue poles, fans, and tables and chairs. For the advertising and promotion aspect, our team has tapped on the use of social media such as Twitter and Instagram to generate publicity for the event. We also created a QR code on the poster to direct students and staff to the Toggle website. In addition, on the day of the event, we carried our publicity stunt by having our teammates go around the school promoting the event while wearing a mobile board. 
          Our posters which were placed around the campus          Mobile Board to attract more people

At last, it was the day to meet the celebrities!! Some of us had to come earlier to help with the set up and manage the site. We went to take the equipment needed from our logistics room while the Toggle crew set up the stage.
     Toggle Truck, Spin the Wheel and Toggle Tables
    Outdoor event site
Just as we had everything ready, dark clouds loomed overhead and soon after, we felt a few rain droplets on our head. Before the rain got any heavier, we activated our contingency plan which was to have the event in the Fast Food Canteen. We quickly shifted the tables in the Fast Food Canteen to make space and move some of the items such as Spin the Wheel and Toggle Table into the canteen. Despite the rain and the hassle it took, our lively spirits were not dampened!

To kick start the event, Kimberly Wang interacted with the students by playing Spin the Wheel whereby they had to answer the questions that the pointer falls on and would win attractive prizes. The crowd multiplied as the time drew nearer to the Meet-and-Greet session. 
Indoor event site/Kimberly Wangs interaction with students
Time flew too fast and all too soon, IT WAS ALREADY 12PM! The fans were getting impatient to meet their favourite celebrities. The celebrities were escorted by our EMRS team to the holding area. While they were at the holding area, Kimberly Wang discussed with the celebrities about the activities that would be taking place. All the while many of the fans were happily snapping pictures of the celebrities.
 Celebrities and Kimberly Wang at the holding area
The crowd went insane with thunderous screams when the celebrities went up on the stage for a short interview by Kimberly. The fans waved their banners high up in the air to show their support. Soon, it was time for the crowd to get close and personal with the celebrities by playing games and having a photo taking session with them.

    Interview session with celebrities by Kimberly Wang
    Fans of the celebrities with their banners to show support

    Felicia Chin playing game with a lucky guy
    Zhang Zhen Huan playing game with a lucky girl

    Photo taking session

All of us who were there felt that it was nice seeing the celebrities up close. Besides gaining further experience in event management, it is not often that we can get to meet celebrities. It was definitely a good experience for us!
                 EMRS Team 2 together with our Supervisor and celebrities who attended the event