Monday, August 25, 2014

Mini Roadshow (MSC)

On the 12th August, EMRS team 3 organised a Mini Roadshow from 10.30am to 3.30pm outside MSC Shopping Arcade. The main purpose of having the mini roadshow was to promote and sell the MSC products. The theme that we had for our roadshow was "colours", thus we named our roadshow as "Colour Sale", and made our booth layout and display vibrant and colourful to attract students. 

The colourful flyers that were distributed to the NYP students.

Pre-Event Preparations and Set Up

During the preparation of the event, the team worked closely with the OIC, Rachel, to design the arch, flyers, and photo booth. We decided as a team on the items we would sell.

Working on the flyers!

The photo booth is being painted according to our colour themes. 

 Working on the arch!

Our colourful price list!

The final product: Arch  

The whole team busy setting up the booth.

The widely ranged items are arranged according to colour themes.

Just before the event. Our final product!

Before the event officially begins, a picture of team 3 together with Ms Quek.

Actual Event

Students purchasing our products.

  Busy with the customers.

Even Mr Sudesh came to the booth and looked at our items.

 The colourful props used by the students. 

Those were the few customers who purchased our items and captured a shot!

In conclusion, the mini roadshow was an exciting and fun event for team 3. Despite that the event was during the study break we still managed to hit the sales target due to the team's effort as everyone tried our best to promote the products and also ensure that the students purchase them. After all the event was a success.

Thank you guys for those who came by to our booth and purchased our items! 
As well as the EMRS and MSC for providing us with this opportunity and not forgetting our team members, thank you for your efforts! :)