Monday, August 25, 2014

Team Building Field trip to Marina Barrage

On the 21st August 2014, the whole EMRS headed down to Marina Barrage for team building. This field trip was organized by the 3 of us: Poh Yong, Safura and Fiona from Team 3. We were also the facilitators for the activities on the actual day. 

3 OICs: Safura, Poh Yong & Fiona
The main objective of this field trip was to bond the entire EMRS team and was also a farewell session for the DBI students as it was their last week in EMRS.


  • Brainstorming for activities
We had to consider several factors such as safety, body contact, water activities, wet weather, the logistics needed and budget given. This was to prevent mishaps from happening and also to maximize the fun and enjoyment for everyone on the actual day. 
  • Food and transportation 
As the team building event would be held during the DBI students' last week of attachment, we decided to hold the farewell lunch during the field trip as well. Ms Choo helped us to cater finger food from North Canteen. We were afraid that just finger food would not be sufficient and filling for everyone, thus we decided to order Domino's pizza. We then had to discuss and get everyone's opinions and approvals before we proceed with the pizza catering. 

We also had to consider our mode of transportation. We had to check with everyone if they preferred one-way or two-way transport by chartered bus so Ms Choo could make the necessary arrangements.

Pre-event trip to Marina Barrage

Two days before the actual event, the whole of Team 3 made a trip down to Marina Barrage. The purpose of the trip was to check out the site and decide on where exactly to hold our activities.

On the bus to Marina Barrage 
A group picture & jump shots in Marina Barrage

Prior to the event, we grouped everyone into three teams. We also borrowed the various equipment needed for our activities and gathered them in the EMRS project room so that it would be easier for us to move and keep track of.

On the day of the event, everyone reported to the EMRS room at 9 a.m. to set off for Marina Barrage at 9.30 a.m. sharp.

Entire EMRS team on the charter bus to Marina Barrage
We reached Marina Barrage at 10 a.m., which was 30 minutes earlier than expected. As such, we decided to push forward our activities. We kicked off the event with our first activity, which was the creating of the team's banner and cheer. The three teams were given 45 minutes to think of a group name and cheer and also design a banner.

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Our 2 supervisors, Ms Choo & Ms Quek. 1,2,3…cheese! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ
All 3 teams!
Once everyone was ready, they had to present their banners and perform their cheer to  the supervisors, who were our judges. The judges then decided on the best banner and best cheer. 

Team 1: We are Groot! 
Team 1 during their performance
Team 2: TEAM TWO
Team 2 during their performance
Team 3: Ninja (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Team 3 during their performance
After the performance, everyone was given an hour of free and easy time to explore Marina Barrage. 

The DBI Students
Terrence with his jump shot
Jess & Ying Zhi waiting for lunch
We had our lunch at 12 p.m. While waiting for the Domino's pizza to arrive, everyone munched on the finger food catered from the North Canteen.

Food catered from North Canteen
Everyone waiting for the pizza to arrive!
Pizza finally arrived σ(≧ε≦o)
20 Personal Pizzas and 4 boxes of Crazy Chicken Crunchies
Everyone is spoilt for choice!
Lynette & Safura going for their 2nd serving
Rachel, Pei Lin, Lu Na & Li Lin done with their lunch
After lunch, we commenced our game activities.
There were 4 game activities:
  1. Treasure Hunt
  2. Passing of rubber bands using toothpicks
  3. Team relay mini-game
  4. Speed eating

1st activity:
Treasure Hunt

Instructions for the game: 
  1. 10 ping pong balls with different points were hidden around Marina Barrage. 
  2. The teams were given 30 minutes to search for the balls.
  3. Points were deducted for team members that failed to return on time to the starting point.
The start of the treasure hunt:

An example of a hidden ping pong ball with points
Lian Lian & Lynette searching for the ping pong ball
Hong Xian found the wrong ping pong balls that didn't belong to us! (╯︵╰,)
There's always time for photo taking despite the hot weather:Puva, Maisy, Hui Min & Li Shan
Team 2 was searching high & low for the ping pong balls
2nd activity:
Passing of rubber bands using toothpicks

Instructions for the game:
  1. Everyone in the team had to stand in a line with one arm spacing in between.
  2. The team then has to pass a total of 5 rubber bands (3 big ones and 2 small ones) from the first to the last person using the toothpicks and their mouth.
  3. Whenever the rubber band dropped, the team had to restart passing that particular rubber band.
  4. The last person in line had to collect 5 rubber bands on his/her toothpick.
The start of the game:

Hong Xian & Lynette
Faarihah & Pei Lin

3rd activity:
Team relay mini-game

Instructions for the game:
  1. There were 8 stations for each team to complete.
  2. The teams had to complete the team relay by taking a group selfie.
  3. The teams were given 15 minutes to strategize and practice the different stations.
  • 1st station: Say it again from the back (3 sentences)
    • E.g "I want to eat" --> "eat to want I"
  • 2nd station: Skip 20 times using skipping rope
  • 3rd station: 15 push-ups
  • 4th station: Hula hoop 20 times
  • 5th station: Pick 15 rice grains with chopsticks
  • 6th station: Ping pong run along
  • 7th station: Skip 20 times using hula hoop
  • 8th station: Spin 15 times in clockwise direction and run back to Station 1

Team 3 in their discussion mode
Terrence trying to pick the rice grains using the chopsticks
The start of the team relay:

Station 3: Terrence & Irving doing push-ups
Station 4: Ying Zhi doing hula hoop

Station 5: Li Lin & Kendra picking rice grains with chopsticks

Station 7: Lynn skipping using the hula hoop
Team 3 was the 1st to complete the team relay! 
Followed by Team 2
Last but not least, Team 1!
4th activity:
Speed eating

Instructions for the game:
  1. There were 8 different food items for everyone in the team to finish.
  2. Each team member had to say "Mmmm, so yummy. Ahhh (Open Mouth)" after swallowing the food/drink.
  • 1st item: 2 Snickers bar
  • 2nd item: 1 bottle of 500ml water
  • 3rd item: 1 bread bun
  • 4th item: 3 Oreos
  • 5th item: 1 packet of milo powder
  • 6th item: 1 small apple
  • 7th item: Shredded squid
  • 8th item: 1 cup of Coke
The start of speed eating:

Irving and Puva trying their best to finish the entire milo powder

The three girls (Lynn, Fiona & Li Lin) munching on the apples

Margaret & Lu Na competing for the 2nd fastest team

We ended promptly at 3.30 p.m. and returned to NYP at 4 p.m.

While waiting for bus to arrive, EMRS Team 3 had a group shot with Ms Quek!

EMRS Team 4 also had their group shot before leaving Marina Barrage

Prize Presentation

The BEST BANNER team goes to… 

TEAM 1: Groot! 

The BEST CHEER team goes to… 

TEAM 3: Ninja!

WINNING TEAM goes to… 

TEAM 3!!!

2ND BEST TEAM goes to…

TEAM 1!!!

3RD BEST TEAM goes to…

TEAM 2!!!

In conclusion, everyone enjoyed the day out at Marina Barrage, and the OICs definitely learnt more about events on planning and execution.