Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't Be Mean, Be Green

Green Fair 2014

The Green Fair 2014 was held by Team 4 on the 31st July, 1st August and 8th August outside the Shopping Arcade, also known as the "Prime Spot". And this is an annual initiative by EMRS to help conserve our Earth's resources by allowing our NYP students to participate in the Green Drive and support Green vendors. Our vendors include Coolgurt, Happy Plant, Charis Naturals, and MT Masking Tape.

The poster for our Green Fair

Work-in-Process (WIP)

As a team, we brainstormed for ideas to raise awareness of our Green Fair and to also promote a Green Environment.

Let's have some trees!!!

Final product of our "Ice-cream stick trees"
(To be give out as leaflets to promote a green environment and our event details)

Starting off with our 'Globe'

Reusing recycled paper

Final product of our Globe and I Pledge To ...

Cute paper carriers for the purchases

Standing view of a paper carrier

"Vandalism" - our Lucky Draw box

Event Day

For the first part of our fair (31st July and 1st Aug 2014), we have Happy Plant and Coolgurt with us. We also have our 'Adopt a Book' and 'I pledge' activity for creating awareness. At the start of the event which is around 10:30am, we gave out around 200 DIY leaflet. 

Our event layout

Happy Plant sells indoor plants which absorbs radiation and they also requires very low level of maintenance. If the plant dies, buyers can exchange them for half price. The plants attracted most lecturers as they can place it at their desk. 

We contacted Coolgurt to attract more students to our event. But, we liaised with them to fit in the theme by negotiating with them to use paper cups instead of plastic and also to have a bin to recycle them.

'Adopt a Book' is an idea from our team member and it works when students recycle 2 plastic bottles to get a second-hand book for free. This activity attracts a lot of students and some of them even brought a big bag of bottles from home! Collected 270 bottles.

'I Pledge' is an activity created and designed by the team. Students can put their thumbprint on the 'globe' or write down their pledge to show their support for the green environment. We designed it well as we want it to be the backdrop for the event and also, the huge 'Green Fair 2014' and the thumbprints that many contributed has left a lasting impression on everyone that came. 

We placed bins at our event location for students to recycle their bottles and papers. 

It was a huge challenge for us to do consignment basis with vendors. We need more time to settle the entire process with them. Thus, we pushed back the second part of the green fair to 8 Aug 2014. We had Charis Natural which sells organic skincare products and MT Tapes which is made from Japanese recycled rice paper. 

All in all, we've enjoyed the entire process of the event. We managed to hold an event with constant support from supervisors and also great motivation from fellow team members.