Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mooncake delivery

Mooncakes Delivery

As the mooncake festival was nearing, the pervious team 2 had sold mooncakes in NYP and our task was to deliver the mooncakes to the customers.

The mooncakes delivery was carried out by Team 2 on the 3rd to 5th September 2014, from 9am to 5.30pm. Our objective was to deliver the mooncakes to the lecturers and ensuring that students and public know the place of collection. We were to ensure that the Bakerzin, Breadtalk, Thye Moh Chan mooncakes and Tea Chapter received are in the right quantities and flavours.

When we were informed that the supplier; Bakerzin, had arrived, Team 2 dashed out of their seats and proceeded to B409A to check the stock. As we were caught by surprise, we were not prepared to check the stocks efficiently. Therefore, we thought on our feet and came up with an idea of allocating one person to check one flavour of moon cake. We shouted out what flavours we had when we unpacked the supplies.
After checking for the right quantity and flavours, we started packing the mooncakes orders and sticking post-it on the paper bag for clear indication of customers’ orders.

The packing and allocation of mooncakes are all done!
Credit to Shuping, Atirah, Musliha and Ming Yan

Delivery started on the next day and everyone was super excited. We split into two teams to deliver the mooncakes according to the North and South part of the school. 

Delivery Time!!
Team 1: Priscilla, Joycelyn, Andy

Team 2: Hazel, Chenyu, Musliha

Due to the overwhelming delivery, the standby team are on the run!!
Standby Team: Ming Yan, Gladys

Atirah was busy taking calls while Shuping was in charge of the goods and waiting for customers to self-collect at B409A.
All orders were delivered on time despite some hiccups in between. We had minor issues such as having to travel to Bakerzin to exchange the silver bags for the red bags and running out of Breadtalk paper bags.
All in all, we managed to successfully deliver all the goods within the delivery time promised. Our team learned to deal with customers and suppliers. One take away that our team had was the importance of delivering on our promise to our customers. We enjoyed the entire process of the event.
Lastly, we would like to thank our supervisors, Ms Jean Choo for her advice, guidance and constant support. J