Monday, August 25, 2014

TEAM 2: Mid-Autumn Festival Online Mooncake Sale 2014

The Mid-Autumn Mooncake sales is an annual event, which provide convenience for lecturers and students to purchase various brands of mooncakes and tea leaves through an online platform at attractive prices.  


The event planning started on mid July. We started brainstorming and sourcing of suitable products and suppliers. After much discussion, potential vendors that we identified included
recognised brand such as Peony Jade, TungLok, Tai Chong Kok and Bakerzin; local bakeries such as Breadtalk and Bengawan Solo. We selected the vendors based on factors like affordability and ease of transaction with the companies.

Selected vendors:
Bakerzin, Breadtalk, Thye Moh Chan, Tea Chapter and Eagle Tea Merchant.

Pre-Event Preparation and Set Up

This year's sale is carried out through an ePortal, whereby it allows customers to order their desired products online, and present their printed form to make the payment at MSC Studio.

Finalised Poster

Manual order form

Our Logistic In-Charge!

Booth Banner making in progress!

Signages was placed around in school

Our event started on the 6th August and ended on 18th August. In order to overcome the potential customers' reluctance to purchase because of unfamiliarity with the product(s), we proposed to hold a sampling session from 6th to 8th August outside the MSC studio. Plenty of lecturers and student took the opportunity to taste the various flavors like the Classic Premium Egg Yolk from Bakerzin and the traditional "Wu Ren" from Breadtalk. The most popular flavor amongst the lecturers turned out to be the Classic Premium Egg Yolk. Students universally found the "Wu Ren" not to be to their liking preferring the Lotus with Yolk from Breadtalk.

Collection of mooncakes before event

Cutting of mooncakes


"Don't cut too big!"

Work place safety is important!

Actual Event

Booth all set up!

Product menu list for customer reference 

Our ''Quick Response" flyers

Featuring Mr. Sudesh and customers

Customers sampling the moon cakes
"Hi, interested in trying our mooncakes?"

Our mobile promoters

Well lastly,

it's a wrap!

Wrap up for the Event

The main objectives of this event were to acquire liaison skills with the vendors, and to enhance our understanding of real business situations and processes. Even though we have faced many challenges throughout this journey, we managed to resolve it as a team and hence have achieved our objectives.

On the 18th August at 5pm, we closed the orders and did a final collation on our sales. After all the hard work, we exceeded our sales target of $4000 and managed to sell a total of 145 boxes of moon cakes and tea leaves!

Due to the event schedule, the follow-up processes will be handed over to the next round of EMRS team two, in which we will enlist their help to distribute the moon cakes during Sept 3rd -5th. In order to ensure that the deliveries will be executed successfully, we have prepared notes and a presentation to highlight details that they are required to know.