Tuesday, August 19, 2014

IT Fair Road Show

On the 7th of August to the 8th of August 2014, Team 4, Held an IT Fair in celebration of Singapore 49th Birthday. The Fair was held outside MSC Studio near the DBS ATM. 

Posters For the Event

Flyers Given for the Event

Promotional Posters 

Pre-Event Planning (Research) 
The event planning started on 14 July, We started on sourcing for different range of products such as Instax portable printer, Polaroid Cameras and Films. As we felt that it would be popular among the students and staff. We also surveyed Students to see what they I.T. products they need. We concluded that most students are in need of portable powerbanks and storage equipment such as thumbdrive and hardisk. 

Pricing Research and Sourcing for suppliers 
As MSC Studios sold I.T. gadgets as well, we studied their selling price to know what our competitors are selling. We then outsource for suppliers with the products that we wanted. 

Challenged faced 

As NYP is a registered company.
There was a challenge faced in finding suppliers as the products we wanted was mostly sold without GST. and had a very low cost price.
This made it hard for the suppliers as the product selling price was not GST inclusive and would cause the selling price to be higher then theirs, as they do merchandising as well.
As we are not suppose to sell higher than the seller it was hard to find a suitable supplier to lower there cost price further.
Cheap prices on Qoo10

Fortunately we manage to find a suitable supplier called X-PinkLiciouS to supply us portable chargers and powerbanks under a consignment agreement though the margin is low we manage to have a deal and the plan went on smoothly.
: D

This also made alterations to our plans and the products such as Polaroid and the instant printer supplier could not lower there cost price any further hence we where unable to sell the product.

Another problem faced was the Approval of posters, which should have been done earlier as the Approval process took longer then expected.
Also there was no pre-event poster where we notify students earlier as we were only allowed to have one poster design which took quite long to be approved which we felt could have help in getting more sales for us.

Other Distributes who supported us are ACECOM and Convergent 

We also had the chance of meeting the suppliers and see the products that they offer as well as discussing what would be good for the sale. 

Meeting of Vendors 

Stock Arrival/ Preparation

Header in the making 

Stock Count 
X-Mini Speakers 

Corsair Keyboard

Actual Event

During the event we used 3 tables for our layout in an 'L' formation as well as display stands.
Table Display

POS. Machine 

Students flocking in due to the great variety of products

Miss Yong buying thumb-drive

Display Stand for memory Card

Gaming Gear 

Promoters promoting the products

End of the event 

Finally its over... 

Overall the event was a success and was a huge hit with the students over the 2 days of the event.
The event was a fun experience for our team and we learned allot about doing consignment agreements and setting up a stall to displaying of merchandise and promoting our product.