Monday, August 25, 2014


On 12th August, EMRS Team 2 liaised with Cheers to set up a Mini Roadshow from 10.30am - 5.30pm.  The aim of this event is to create awareness of  Cheers product and promotions by bringing it closer to the students.

After much discussion, we have finalised our theme to be Old School. Also, the theme slogan was concluded to be, “The Joy Of our Old School”.

Our target audience were mainly the students and lecturers of Nanyang Polytechnic. We hope that by having the Old school theme, students and lecturers can reminisce their childhood as they purchase products they used to consume when they were younger.


Initially, the team was given one week to plan and execute the event. However, as we were unable to book the location in time, the event was postponed to a later date in August. We had a online moon cake sale held concurrently with the mini road show. To maximize resources, we decided to integrate both events.

We had limited amount of time left to plan and finalise of details such as stocks taking, logistic equipment and props that are required. Individual roles were assigned such as the overall-in charge, logistics, finance, advertising and publicity.

In order to raise awareness among students and staff, posters was put up around school campus.


 Our stock that was displayed on the wagon.


Our menu posters

A&P Preparation for the booth!

 Our booth for the day!

 Our mobile teams in action!

One of our team member dressed in old school theme happily going on mobile!

The team faced many challenges along the way trying to organize a successful event. The objectives were to generate interest and create awareness of the "lesser" known product ranges in Cheers. As we sold about 64% of our chosen product that we consigned from Cheers, we managed to achieve our objectives. 

 We managed to resolve problems that arose as a team. We learnt the importance of communication and teamwork. This enabled us to exceed our sales target of $400, achieving a total sales figure of $460.65.
All in all, it was a wonderful and fun experience for us!