Monday, June 17, 2013


On 21st May 2013, Team 3 held a charity event at SBM stairwell between block B and C. The event required students and staff to climb 100 stairs, which was from around level 1 to level 5. For every 100 steps climbed, 3M agreed to donate 1 set of stationery items to a needy student in the south east district.

The first thing we really focused on doing was designing the poster for our event. We aimed to create something to catch the attention of fellow staffs and students of NYP. We came up with two designs but decided to go with the poster that looked like this:

During the planning phase, we were a little worried if we could achieve the ambitious target of 500 set by our supervisors. We decided to hold a 3-day [13,14,15 May] road show outside MSC to try and recruit, to give ourselves a little confirmation on the number of interested participants. We divided ourselves into two groups. The first group stayed at the booth and try to rope in people walking by while the other group walked around and approached everyone, friends and strangers alike.

[Our booth team busy roping in potential participants]

On the day of the event, our team reported early, to set everything up. As we had already prepared most of the logistics needed the previous day, set up was fast despite the minor changes we had to make. When we officially started at 10 am, everyone was pumped up and got to work at roping even more people in to participate in the event.

We received our first participant just after we started officially. We even had media coverage for the event! (It was only for the school TV but still….)
With the great efforts of everyone, we managed to get over 500 people to participate in this climb, and this was before our ending time at 5pm!!! We managed to hit 600+ people by 3pm but had to close due to a sudden heavy downpour!

In conclusion, the event was a success as our objectives were met, and an unexpected huge turnout surprised our team and supervisors alike. We definitely felt a strong sense of achievement as this was the first event we organized together as a team. Although there is still much room for improvement, the fact that we were able to carry out the event smoothly with minimal hiccups calls for a job well done!