Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Green Fair 2013 - "Greenadary"

Organised by our very own Team 2 students from Events Management and Road Show, Green Fair is back! :)

Guess how we got this name for our event?

One of our team members, Shawn, got the inspiration from Barney Stintson in “How I Met Your Mother”. The character has a favourite phrase, which is Legendary. That was how we combined Green with legendary to make it sound nice!

Sourcing for vendors was one of the toughest challenges we faced because we had to find vendors that sell organic products. It was tough and contacted dozens of vendors and finally managed to secure 9 suitable vendors! And these were The Body Shop, LDM Marketing, Book Express, Uncle Tony’s Garden, Human Nature, Etrican, Wild Products, My pastry and Coolgurt.

As this was a green fair, we enlisted the help of NEA to supply banners promoting the conserving of energy, as well as the 3Rs.

Our team also made some exhibits to educate the shoppers on how they can go green. The exhibits fit our theme of Educate, Implement and Sustain.  These included:

“ The Liter of Light”.
We got this idea from a web: http://aliteroflight.org and decided to do a live size exhibition to let people see how it works, and also to pass the message down that a simple recycled water bottle can change people’s everyday life dramatically.
In Philippines, the people use discarded plastic bottles, fill it up with water and bleach so that the water will not turn mouldy. They then put it on their roof to reflect solar light into the room.

The second exhibit would be fun facts done by our very own teammates! These included a model tree (fact: For every ton of paper used for recycling, 17 trees are spared.) Other information represented include the fact that the amount of waste paper buried each year would fill 103,488 double decker buses. Also recycling one aluminum can will save enough energy to power your television set for three hours.

“GREENERDot” is a card game actually designed and created by an NYP student Pang Yu Han. It is to educate people about the green issues and places unique to Singapore using a fun and interactive way. We set up a booth to demonstrate the card game. 

On the first day of the event, we met at 8am to do the set up of the event. Some problems we encountered were the delay in the borrowing of fans, not knowing how to use the sound system and a few vendors coming late to set up. We also realized that there was a low general awareness of the event.

With immediate solutions like approaching the person-in-charge to borrow the fans to circulate the air in the atrium and setting up the sound system with the supervisor’s help, we managed to start our event on time. As to the lack of awareness of the event, flyers were designed and given out to passer-by to draw them to our event. Indeed, more people came down to the atrium and some of them were holding the flyers.

On the second day, we decided to meet at 8.30am to start the set-up of the event as we were more familiar with the setting up of logistics. We even got a treat from our supervisor as everything went smoothly for both set-up and tear-down of our event area. On the last day of the event, the tear-down was slightly more tiring compared to the past two days as we needed to clear everything in the atrium.

Though the various stages of planning, contacting vendors, executing the event was tiring, the team has definitely enjoyed bringing Greenadary 2013 to NYP. The vendors praised us for the event well run. Other visitors commended us for some interesting exhibits and products. All in all, a successful event indeed!