Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Fit Sports Event

Keeping an active lifestyle is important to a healthy mind and body so EMRS Team 4 was tasked to organize a sports themed fair; Happy Fit. The purpose of this event was to provide a platform for staff and students of Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to purchase sports products for their daily regime. The overall in-charges for this event were Chanel and Ellena. Ke Xin and Royston were in-charge of logistics and Jia Li and Yi Tao were in-charge of advertising and promotion.

As the event title ‘Happy Fit’ was inspired by the movie ‘Happy Feet’, we decided to use penguins as the mascot of the event. 

On the first day of the event, we met at 7.45am and headed down to the fixtures room to get the logistics. We had to do minor changes to the floor plan as there were some space conflicts with the health event that happened concurrently with Happy Fit. Nonetheless, our team shifted the sport stacking booth and I-Appreciate booth back to the atrium smoothly as we still had space in the atrium.
The set up on the first day was delayed as that was the first time that our team did set up for an event. In addition to that, many vendors were caught in the traffic jam due to bad weather. The set up was completed by 10.45am.

Lunch time crowd at the event!

Some of the special deals and products the vendors offered at the event...

We had food vendors like Lao Ban beancurd and Yogurt Place.

Our A&P IC, Jia Li, doing cashier at Ripples booth.

Our advertising & promotion ICs, Yi Tao and Jia Li.

Happy patrons at the event.

OICs of I Appreciate event, Esmond and Phyllis, doing their shift at the I Appreciate booth.

Kanoe sports in-charge, Amin, and FBTs in-charge, Jackson.

The tear down for the first day was hindered by the audiences from the ‘NYP Got Talent’ event were standing all over the atrium. Nonetheless, we managed to tear down everything by 5.45pm.

On the second day, almost everything went smoothly except the set up as there was a lack of instructions given and some team members were running all over the place. Other than that, the event went smoothly with no hiccups. The tear down was much faster and smoother as compared to the first day as there was no crowd at the atrium. We managed to complete the tear down before 5.30pm.

Our key take away from this event is the importance of communication. Throughout the whole planning process, there were many incidents of miscommunication or even lack of communication which led to confusion and arguments within the team. We learnt that as a team, we must communicate more, have patience and empathise each other in order for a team to excel. These are the learning points that all of us will remember to take with us into our future career journey.    

The event went smoothly despite some loopholes on the ground. Everyone in the team contributed their efforts for Happy Fit even though there were some miscommunications. Overall, as the organizers, we are very grateful that the event was indeed a success.