Friday, June 21, 2013



 Mini Road show by EMRS Team 3

Team 3 - DBI students were tasked to organize a mini-road show selling products opposite shopping arcade. The road show was held on 12 June 2013 from 10.30am to 3.30pm.
We had to draw lots between selling MSC and Cheers products. Keeping our fingers crossed we were hoping not to get MSC products as they are generally more difficult to sell compared to the food and drink items in Cheers. However we were given MSC products to sell and hence we decided to take in this challenge!
Planning Stage
Upon being briefed by our supervisor on the procedure and target to achieve for this mini road show, we were given 2 weeks to prepare.
The very first thing we did was to identify the ICs for respective roles whereby, Zan Jin was the overall IC, Shi Ting the A&P IC, Nikki the logistics IC and Shi You the finance IC. We were only given a budget of $20 to create, design and prepare our posters for advertising and materials that would be needed for display on the day of the road show. We were worried that we would overspend and not meet the budget but we only ended up spending $16.40. YAYYYY! Our very first challenge accomplished, we did not overspend. J
We walked into MSC Studio a couple of times to take a look at the products and brands that they carry. Before selecting the products we would like to sell during our mini road show, we checked with the other student-staff at MSC Studio on which are the popular and most-sellable items. Based on their recommendations we decided on selecting small items such as face masks, made in candy sweets and accessories etc. Thus coming up with our very own theme, “LITTLE THINGS ON YOU”.
Only after receiving approval from team members and our supervisor we proceeded to determine the items and the quantity we needed for each item for the road show.
Meanwhile the A&P IC and the team brainstormed ideas on our poster and theme design for the mini road show. Both the logistics IC and A&P IC also worked closely on the other factors such as the set up design for our booth during the mini road show, choosing the equipment we needed for displaying the products from fixtures room, measuring the given space and the number of tables needed and also our dress code. The team then proceeded to work on the decoration and product display.

Our Poster!

More Posters!

Featuring the event details and our products

On the mini road show day, we started set up at 9am and we had to start our sales at 10.30am sharp. Enthusiastically as a team we did our set up and managed to complete set-up on time.
Event Day

Setting up our booth, displaying the products and price tags

Our Final set up! Booth all ready for us to start our sales for the day! 

Team 3 DBI students at our booth.

At the beginning we did face a problem attracting customers to our booth, one of the reasons was that it was during term break and the customer count in school was lower compared to normal school days. However we managed to overcome this challenge as we were given permission by our supervisor Ms Quek to play music. It was a good decision as the crowd started to grow during lunch hour and our cashier and team members at the booth had to work non-stop.

Shi Ting attending to a customer, displaying good salesperson qualities.

Customers at our booth.

Zan explaining to the customer about the different products with Shi You and Anita recording the quantity of items that they took for mobile selling.

The secondary school students who helped us with the mini road show. They did a great job by helping out at the mobile selling and boosting our sales revenue!
We did not take any mobile selling pictures but it was part of our manpower plan. 4 of our team members would go for mobile selling and the other 4 would man the booth. So as to ensure that there is a smooth customer flow and nothing goes missing or gets stolen from our booth. The secondary school students did an amazing job at the mobile selling. A huge part of our sales revenue was from the mobile selling.
EMRS Team 3 member supporting us! Thank you!

We managed to meet our sales target, even before 3.30pm. This was definitely not what we expected. The event ended around 4+ as there were still customers making purchases from our booth and we managed to clear up the equipment and products in a neat and efficient manner. Our kind supervisors Ms Choo and Ms Quek also helped our cashier, Nikki to count and record our sales for the day.
We were very proud of our team’s hard work and effort. We took the challenge and did a remarkable job! Yayyyy! J
Organising this road show was a first time experience for most of us in the group; it was an enjoyable and memorable experience. After the event, there was a sense of satisfaction and pride as not only did we meet our target but we surpassed it. We overcame our challenge. We made a total of $438.50, which is double the target given to us.
There were a lot of learning points from this experience such as coming up with proper planning on the manpower list and equipment required, understanding each other’s working style and attitude, and most importantly working together in a team.
The mini road show was a fun and fruitful experience.