Monday, June 17, 2013

I Appreciate Event

I Appreciate Event

Team 3 was tasked to execute phase 2 of ‘I Appreciate’. This event was held from 4th June 2013 to the 6th June 2013, 10 A.M to 5 P.M at the NYP Lounge.

The purpose of this event is for all NYP students and staff to show and express their gratitude to those whom have supported them throughout part of their life jouney in NYP.

The overall ICs for this event were James & Asyik. Important roles such has coming up with posters & manpower allocation were also part of their responsibilities. The team carried out a site inspection a few weeks before the event to draft out a floor plan in order to come up with the appropriate logistics required.
Our team was in charge of the registration and also managing of the collection point of the shirts.

Student helpers from various schools were also present to give a helping hand in the selection of sizes of the shirts, ushering and managing of the crowd consisting of both students and staff who visited our event. There is approximately a total of 9,000 T-shirts available for redemption of which, around 4,000 shirts were given out during the actual event.

                                           Sizes for tryouts

     Hmmmm? Does size S fit me?

 The queue

Helpers From The Event

  A Big Thank You to the helpers !!

   The Registration Team

Shipei & Shi Ting Enjoy only !

Asyik & Gavin on the ball !

   Collection Point

Asyik passing the T-shirt to a student with a Colgate Smile ;)
Sorry ma’am, but you need the “Redeemed” chop

Overall, the event was a success, the queues from registration and collection points were free from jams and everything went on smoothly. Ushers did their part in directing the students and staff with no time wasted.